Is it me or is there too few counters to healing

Because outside of a few battleborn helix choices there are no healing reduction abilities :X Specially annoying when the team has 2+ supports and you can’t really do a darn thing about their heals~

Wish i could change the fact it put is instead of are :X

“Punch them”-Brick


It’s called damage.

Every character can do it.

You see a healer healing their tank. Don’t shoot the tank, shoot the healer. Can’t hit the healer? Move. Flank. Get a vantage point. Charge in with a CC or knockback to expose the healer.

Even if you can’t kill them, if you can chase them off for a few moments they can’t do any healing.

If a team has 2+ supports, chances are they also don’t have a lot of damage or pushing power. Press the advantage and harass one of the healers with some focused fire while you keep their main line busy. As soon as they’ve lost one support, their lack of damage means you can push easier.

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Lack of damage? Can you please point out these so called weakling characters please :point_right:

I just played against Alani and Mico together, and even charging them, mini gun to head, they healed each other, slowed me and roasted my as so easy even with health and shield upgrades. They do damage alright, and Alani still does way too much.

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Well see that is the issue… for quite a few battleborn there is not HARD cc on them. Know I know everyone has quick melee for knocking people back a small distance, but i’m talking knock ups silence and stuns. I think healing reduction should be added to the kit is all.

Also Miko can do quite good damage and support…Alani does even better damage and CC and can support. As these are the two most prevalent support I have seen, to me it seems they need to either make a support more based on heals and Crowd Control…or on damage. Not both.

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That would be you alone vs 2 battleborn, though.
Two healers having each other’s backs requires some coordination to be put down :slight_smile:

I’d say the best bet is to focus the Miko since Alani has to build charges to provide a decent healing. She’s annoying sure, but Miko will eventually have to flee or die.

Yeah that’s not a bad idea actually. I suppose that such a thing will only appear on the upcoming Battleborn. Peddles could be a good candidate to be honest. Poisonous snake that could apply some kind of debuff that reduces healing received. That kind of debuff exists in the game since it can be rolled on gear…

That said, I guess that for now, Slow is the closed to a healing reduction. I’m not sure how it works against Miko healbeam, but since it will slow Alani’s attacks it will also slow her ability to build up charges. Slow effects won’t lower the actual numbers, but it should lower the HPS.