Is it me or the maggie?

Ive read around here a lot that the maggie is zanes best chance at freezing enemies and reseting his abilities. While im not done testing the gun, so far it appears to be a horrible gun for proccing CCC. I’ve read people say things like “i can reset my ability with one headshot”. I’m just not seeing a whole lot of synergy here guys.

Its you, unfortunately. You either don’t have Brain Freeze specced into or you’re not aiming well, Maggie is probably the most consistent CCC proc tool we have available at the moment.

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My Maggie build (so far). High Noon Maggie grenade chucking cryo build

Proc for Brainfreeze is per bullet, so a Maggie and it’s power to shoot an insanely high pellet count is the best thing for triggering a Brainfreeze.

Do keep in minf that CCC is not a skill reset button, it’s a shield recharge first, a health recharge second and only them comes the skill cooldown, so you must be at full HP/Shield to use it for that.