Is it normal to wait 37 seconds just to load into map?

Just asking because i feel it is way too long

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I don’t know about the specific time, but map loads are long generally. Do you have the game on a regular drive or an SSD? The latter is probably the best way to speed things up.

if you’re using the -notexturestreaming yeah, it can be a long time between map changes and save/quit

that command line argument loads all of the textures in before starting the map.

there is an alternative of which, I can’t remember where the link is.

Here is an alternative

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Something I’ve learned with that, is that the textures loaded in game using that switch are the ‘Ultra’ quality ones regardless of what you’ve set in the in-game menu settings.

What would be cool is if there was another argument you could set that would set the quality of the textures being preloaded when you turn off texture streaming. For example I don’t have a 4k display, and I have little doubt the Ultra textures are intended for a 4k resolution, so it would be cool to set it for just High quality, and that would reduce load time (and VRAM usage of course, but I’m not as concerned about that in my personal case.)