Is it odd to not really like any of the unlockable cosmetics?

As the title suggests I’ve been kind of fussing over the fact I just really don’t like any of the cosmetic unlocks for any of the Vault Hunters. In Borderlands 2 I’d tend to find at least a couple I liked, with the exception being Gaige but that was mainly due to me adoring her default design, but in Borderlands 3 so far I’ve had all my toons in their basic designs. The only one I like for Moze is her flapper hat thing (can’t think of the name off the top of my head) but otherwise every other toon I leave default.

On a somewhat related note, I’m planning on buying the DLCs soon with Moxxi’s heist being the first cause I always play the DLC in order. Do the DLC come with their own unique cosmetic unlocks like in Borderlands 2? I remember each DLC giving at least one unique head unlock and maybe a skin or two in BL2.

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I think all the DLCs drop unique head/skins for each VH.

Very few of the cosmetics in this iteration of the franchise have been personally appealing. There are a small handful. My favourites so far have actually been some of the Guardian Rank unlocks.


Yes, all four DLC’s have new head and skin for each character. As does timed events and for example also that Science game at Sanctuary III.

Edit: also having either of Season Passes will reward head/skin combo. Designer’s Cut contains only new skin.

I rigourously play with default skins/heads/colours.
In other games I customize my characters a lot but in the Borderlands franchise I like the personality of the VHs so much that changing their looks feels wrong to me…

I can definitely relate to that. FL4K in particular is well designed so changing them around feels… weird.

In terms of the heads there’s literally only like 2-3 per VH I actually like. The skins I use a bit more since most of that is just color schemes with some also having animated patterns or textures on them.

You’re not alone. I think 90% of the cosmetics kind of lack elegance, and suffer from trying to do too many things at once, in terms of design. I think it’d be better to pick one core trait (ideally one the vault hunter already has), and play around with that.


I only like a few of the alt heads for FL4K, but I do like putting different coats on them…I just wish their were better/more vaired colorways available, like in BL2. I guess we’re supposed to use the color sliders for that, but the way it’s implemented makes it kinda hard to get a pleasing combination since you can’t recolor every part of an outfit.


This :point_up_2:, why is there always one piece that doesn’t match that doesn’t change with secondary or tertiary color??


I feel the same way about BL3 as I did about BL2’s customization. 90% (or more) of the heads and skins I do not like and will never use. But the right combo of skin colors and head will hit me just right and I’ll use it permanently. It takes tons of working and reworking to find things that I think go well together but I eventually do. That’s why I was happy to get those new character models for each vault hunter. Cuz even if they looked like crap initially I knew I’d find a way to use them that worked for my tastes. So I can see where a lot of people are coming from with their comments but I manage to make it work for myself despite hating most of the cosmetic options.

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LOL, I tried to change the colors on a skin about a week after release, but as soon as I realized that, at least on console, the process of fine-tuning and saving a custom color pattern for a skin is just, well, a waste of time, I have not tried to adjust color combos on the skins.


I never really put much thought into this…

Because i hardly see it… Same with all the echo skins… Why? It’s hidden pretty much by menu and even then…

I never play co-op so how my toon looks comes down to their build for me (seeing character selection is the only place I see the skin)

Same here. I only use at max two diffrent heads for my vhs. The one Batman head for fl4k is dope but I believe its only for streamers.

You know, I would love those cosmetics more, if 90% of them didn’t made your character look stupid.

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Been saying this since BL2 a few heads based on reality would be a great addition to the game Imo.

If no one has mentioned it, Try changing the colors. In some cases it really works wonders for some of the textures.


My complaint with many heads is that they are more like ‘helmets’ or ‘masks’ and totally hide the actual character. As a corollary, the same head could be easily applied to all VHs, and then what exactly makes it a Zane or Fl4k head?

And I’m not too excited about this whole horse, bird, wolf or whatever head line up. Crazy, yes, but leaves me cold.

As far as skins, I feel that skins in BL2 were a bit more distinct, IMHO. Really liked that lots of them were manufacturer-focused too.


Yes. I believe per DLC it’s one Skin and Head for each character, but some might have a few more, I’m not sure.

I never cared for them. In BL3, same as in BL2, there are a few of cool head/skin cosmetics, that’s about it.

The weapon skins, trinkets, vehicle customization parts, emotes, room decorations are useless clutter in my opinion thinking that maybe time spent on implementing those would be better spent on something else.

But I guess many people like that stuff because even in Doom Eternal there’s now a personal doomguy fortress with collectible toys and other bs.