Is it okay that Galilea can do this?

I was able to kill a moving Caldarius with a shield throw…
Should a tank with a shield be able to use projectiles??
Should it both stun and deal damage?

I think there should be a choice, instead of being able to do both damage and stun.
Or at least lower the damage of a shield throw

Whats your opinion?

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I fail to see how landing a lucky skillshot on a moving target at low health makes a character easy. Phoebe, Rath, Boldur, etc. could have done the same.


Did you read what I wrote below the Video? Phoebe, Rath and Boldour cannot also stun with a projectile, they could slow at best… And only boldour is a tank out of the toons you mentioned.

The whole ‘easy’ thing was clearly for fun.

Calling it a lucky shot when it was clearly aimed for Cal, makes you sound salty… Were you the Cal?
I can understand how one can “fail to see” before wiping the salt out of ones eyes.

She isn’t technically a tank, but you can spec her to be one.

Whoa, back it up there a little. Galilea’s Shield Throw is one of the hardest to stuns to land in the game. Currently I think she’s well balanced - it doesn’t do that much damage, the Caldarius must’ve been really low.

Besides, you killed him with the base damage of the skill, you didn’t stun him and then kill him with it - an attack like Crossblade could have done exactly the same thing.


How can you stun and then kill with one shield throw?

I cant agree with that, I find it to be the easiest, boldour and miko’s stuns are harder and cannot rebound off of walls.
Ghalt’s stun involves a set up, if you miss the pull you’ve messed up.
And Gal can easily pull you into a slow silence and then stun you.

My point was that maybe it shouldn’t be able to both stun and do damage.
That in my opinion would make a more balanced level 1 helix choice, and if you think she is balanced now… They are giving her more health.

Good point. What is she then? I don’t think its clear enough.
Why would a brawler require a shield instead of decent health?
Which is why I lean to tank.


Glad I could help :wink:

(seriously, ISIC and Montana could have far more easily killed this Caldarius, and they’re both tanks, and one of them even has a shield)



You’re serious? Boldur’s is INCREDIBLY easy, unless you’re in a really flat, open map with no objects. Try hitting a Thorn or another character with a tiny hitbox as Galilea, and you’ll see how much easier Boldur’s is.

Defender. Takes an objective, holds the objective, kills everybody trying to take the objective. Slower than the melee Attackers, but still lethal, requiring more defensive play.

I was referring to the fact that you said that Phoebe and Rath can only slow at best whereas Galilea can stun. That has nothing to do with video of your kill as Caldarius dies from the impact, as he would have from Phoebe’s Blade Rush or Rath’s Crossblade, regardless of any status effects the respective characters can add to it. Had you stunned Caldarius and then killed him by attacking him or a teammate had finished him off, then this part would make sense, but as you did not, this is not a correct or viable comparison.

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I’ve killed tons of people with a shield throw before. It’s not that it does too much damage, it’s that the Caldarius was that low on health to be killed by it. Also, that really looked like a luck shot.


She’s a territorial defender. If you are foolish enough to step in range of her pull, I feel no pity for you. Even if she stuns you, it’s not particularly hard to run away from a melee character, least of all when they’ve already burned their stun to initiate.

Her desecrate is the only op thing about her, and that’s only because it doesn’t require you choose between a few of the CC options.

Just move around her helix options a bit, so she can’t have a pull, silence, slow and wound in one skill. If she had to choose between a silence or a wound, or between a pull and a slow, it wouldn’t be so bad. And it’s not like it would make her unusable, just more balanced in general.


I find mikos stun pretty easy to land but I have played a smattering of Galilea so I am not the best to adequately gauge it but I will say the major difference in theory is that people will try to avoid Galilea and if you miss the desecrate pull the stun should be much harder to land. However for Miko, characters that need to get into melee range to deal with Miko are incredibly easy to stun( like Galilea)

Overall I would say that landing mikos stun is not hard. I have even gotten a lucky stun in against a caldarius

That stun isn’t hard to land at all… Sure if you’re throwing it for far away but why would you do that anyway? Galilea is far from balanced her kit is a mess a complete utter mess

I’ve found it difficult and I know some people have gotten used to it, but I still think it’s fundamentally fine. Galilea does need a rework probably, she’s really crap sometimes and fearsomely powerful other times. Shield Throw is currently fine though.

Definitely fine. Why shouldn’t she be able to? It’s not like it has amazing damage

It was a lucky shot. Have you played Cal? This one evaded terribly. Normally you should be jumping sideways, or have Dash or ult on cooldown

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To vet out safely while disengaging. It’s why she’s the only shielder to not have up to 2000. Cuz she’s not strictly a tank