Is it OP? A thread discussing if said move is OP

In this thread I will explain why any move is or is not OP. What makes a player or skill OP? if you don’t stand a chance at all. does not mean cause you were repeatedly killed by said character they are OP

first some arguments of my own

Beatrix- not OP at all, very easy to kill. I don’t see anything wrong with the wounding, as 3-5 seconds is an ideal time to wound someone, 1-2 requires you to be more instant and prolly will only be useful towards miko. The only overpowered thing in her kit would be the infamous silence, the best I can say it’s annoying as I frequently encounter people who have all the Cooldown time gear to spam that ■■■■. 1 sec silence is worst so either remove it or keep it

I would challenge that the silence is the most overpowered aspect of Beatrix.

The main argument I have heard (from competitive players) with Beatrix being frustrating (not OP, necessarily) is her shot penetration. I personally don’t have a problem with this. It is understanding how people like Toby mains wouldn’t like this though. Don’t get me wrong, I always take the silence at level one - but as I typically play DPS Beatrix, the shot penetration is my focus as well.

Ernest’s Egg, rather than being general, specifically his slow while it is in defense mode. The example map will be Incursion on Overgrowth

In the main doorways before each team’s first Sentry, if Ernest is allowed to place the slow egg on his side of the sniper perch/loft’s wall he can slow the entire lane, making minion waves, players trying to hop into his team’s sniper perch, and other Battleborn in general too slow to interact in the main doorways of the game. I always say Ghalt is Ernest’s best counter because he can drag Ernest way out of position and out of the safe range where his team can save him from dying (you could argue that Shayne’s pull can get him too, but considering Aurox can be shot before Fetch can connect and Ghalt’s hook cannot, Ghalt has a far superior pull).

Now Ernest’s slow egg wouldn’t be so bad if a couple things didn’t exist. One, since his egg is on a natural cooldown time of when it’s used, instead of a better cooldown of when it’s destroyed, he can put it right back in the douchey spot of enemy Battleborn’s doorway as soon as the enemy team figures it out. The other thing about it is that Ernest’s like to tuck it away in really stupid spots where like a tree branch blocks it from easily being taken down (now some can argue it’s strategy placing it in a spot not easily accessable, but truthfully that’s abusing a broken mechanic with an arguably broken character).

Considering how hard Ernest promotes the “All for one” team mechanic it is hard as hell to get to him when he’s set up, moreso than other Battleborn in the game because of all the stat bonuses he gives with the egg. In attack mode it gives: Attack damage, attack speed, reload speed and movement speed bonuses. In defense mode it generates a slow, a damage reduction bonus and a bubble shield that can take ults if it’s full.

But this slow egg gets even worse if the enemy team’s first sentry falls in Overgrowth again as the example, because if the Ernest gets inside the enemy team’s supply station where the thumper and health station lie and he puts his slow egg right in the doorway overlooking the final senttry, it is almost impossibly to get him out of there.

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Anything else coming? Or is it only about Fulminate? Or a general “this too OP” Topic? It doesn’t seem clear to me…

Anyway, 3 seconds of silence can be pretty ugly, but it only gets really nasty if you get slowed by it too.

I usually only Pick Silence cause I find the other option to bad… if there was a third option I night pick even that, pending on what it is.

You can’t pick them all. By default Attack Mode boosts only Attack speed, if you want more ATK Power or Reload Speed you can’t Pick the slowing egg.


nah, nothing I would say is OP rn. I want other users [AND DEVS] to look at this thread before complaining

As a another mainly DPS-Beatrix player, I feel that fulminate’s strengths come from it’s ability to shut down any stun-heavy pushes (Rath, gali, etc) and to catch a fleeing foe. I agree that it’s not great to be silenced, but the players that have the ability to burst beatrix down (Orendi, Deande and Pheobe come to mind) should really wait until fulminate is used before they initiate, after which the threat of silence gets mitigated and Beatrix is not as much of a problem.

Still though, I’d agree that a change from 3s to 1s silence duration would be welcome, it still lets Beatrix perform her ability to shut down over-aggressive characters and help her teammatess win a fight in a pinch (which is where she really shines).

In my opinion, double dose is what really puts Beatrix over the top - I usually play a bit more defensive until she gets double dose, and at level 5 I should have all my gear up too. Once I’ve got double dose and gear I really start to get aggressive, with attack speed and reload gear wave clearing becomes as easy as breathing, and any enemy battleborn that try to push with the wave will almost certainly get hit by a few double dose syringes, making the push that much harder (nevermind fulminate, patient zero and outbreak on top of the double dose).

As a side note, Beatrix is strong, but if a player isn’t constantly aware of the game it’s easy enough to single her out, she can’t easily self heal (leech therapy is decent, but not a reliable burst heal) and can do little to characters like Ghalt and SaA once hooked, or fast moving assassin characters, in my experience.

I know this, I was simply listing all the possible buffs. I know the difference between the egg modes

I’d argue -this also concerns Reyna’s “bolts”- as I could swear I constantly shoot Ghalts hook down as Ernest or Benedict.


I’d say it can give the things. It can’t give all of them or even three of them and still have the slow

I do agree though

I would strongly disagree with this assertion personally. Something is overpowered when it is noticeably stronger than other things, such that it is picked constantly and consistently done well with. For example, Galilea is clearly very strong right now, as she is in most matches and usually goes positive. But she is not overpowered because it’s not to such an alarming degree yet. The blanket definition you provided seems misplaced to a degree


I agree, if a character (using your example of Galilea because she’s still very powerful) is OP then it doesn’t take much skill to use said character.

If a player is good, then it doesn’t really matter what character they use, they are just better than you. There are definitely players better than me, not @Nemosis327 I’m afraid <3 but there are players that are certainly better. Either admit that or practice/get better yourself, but calling a player OP is not accurate, they are just good. And depending on if I play this game again after Mass Effect Andromeda comes out, I might continue to try and be better at this game.

I think it’s best to stick to certain aspects of characters/characters that OP.

As far as Ernest’s Egg it does WAY too much for so little. I dunno if you’ve ever play MTG, but Ernest’s Egg is something I would compare to Jace the Mind Sculptor, way to much, for too little risk.


Nope, never played, but you’re right. High reward can safely exist if there is also high risk. Toby, for example. He can deal the most damage in the game. He can also be rendered nearly useless. Galilea is always useful to a degree, and has a fantastic escape and protection besides

Yeah… This pretty much sums me up… I always try my hardest though!

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As Benedict

“Pssh you can try and try and try to be the best little guy, but you’ll never be THE best!” poses and spreads his wings

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Oh, GOSH! I-I’m sorry… Was that too mean…?

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I have played mtg and even played competitively when JtMS was in the standard format and was priced cheaply at about 120$ a pop. You are over exaggerating my friend. Just a smidge :slight_smile:

Now day 1 Alani? Totally mind sculptor equivalent

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“Awww how cute Toby’s talking all big and tough with his little overcompensation.” Displays Rocket Launcher

“THIS, is a REAL weapon, at least I can fly, what do you got? You gonna cute those Varelsi to death!?”


Correct me if I’m wrong. Jace the Mind Sculptor was banned.
He has four, really powerful abilities and only costs 4 mana in a color that’s most associate with control. Ernest is the exact equivalent with how he is atm.

Well, actually, i HAVE done that befo-

GRRRR, NEVERMIND!! YOU GOT SOME NERVE CALLING ME FLIGHTLESS, SEEING AS YOU USED TO BE ABLE TO FLY!! Not being able to anymore kinda makes you MORE pathetic than me! Fly? HA!! If you can still “fly”, then STAY airborne!

Ohhhh, but you CAN’T now, CAN you…? Nope, all the big bad Benedict can do now is GLIDE. AHAHAHAHAHA!!