Is it possibile to find EVERY skin in the boxes?

Can all skins be randomly found in the boxes you can buy with the currency you make by playing?

Or are the special skins not included in the random loot boxes and therefore they are only buyable with money?

in the boxes you open with credits you can only find the violet-yellow, violet-blue and white skins. also there are taunts which can be found. however the “premium” skins and taunts you can buy with platinum from the store can only be bought with real money or with earned platinum (very slowly) by completing the daily quests (not sure if the quests are included in the f2p version?). the premium skins and taunts can also be found in magnus packs, which costs platinum itself though.

tl;dr: you can only buy the special skins with real money or earn the platinum by completing daily quests.

Aww, I feared so. I do get the platinum as a f2p player as well, but it does not matter if I didn’t since anyway Amazon confirmed that my copy of the game will arrive tomorrow.

Looks like gaining platinum is very slow, so I might have to buy that Ambra skin I like and hope someday I will have also savec enough for the clown skin of the demon-possessed punk lady.


That’s the best description of Shayne and Aurox I’ve ever heard.


Aha, thanks! :smile_cat:

I wonder if there’s going to be a summer sale on the summer skins?