Is it possible to cheat on Console?

Just wondering if there’s any cheats you can do on Console.

If this is a “I wonder if that guy was cheating?” question, then it’s not an impossible thing to do, but it violates all kinds of terms of use agreements and involves various shenanigans.

If it’s the other type of question, then “Hell no!” :stuck_out_tongue:


Any game on console where all profile and character data is kept server side is pretty difficult to cheat on. That being said, it does happen from time to time. Take destiny, for instance. There are trainer programs that offer all sorts of immunity, unlimited ammo, one shot everything, etc. But to the best of my knowledge, the average length of time a console is able to withstand detection and ban is just a matter of hours in destiny. not sure how secure this game is, but i would imagine it is comparable. next gen, server side games are not easily hacked like borderlands 2 and pre sequel were on last gen console