Is it possible to edit the INI files for this game to get some better preformence

My sisters computer is just barley above the minimum and it lags for her and kinda hurts her eyes, but shes waited for so long she says she wants to play anyway and i dont want her to hurt her eyes and get the headaches anymore we had to take so many breaks, is it possible to edit some files like we could in the old games and maybe remove shadows or something? i dont really want to mess with anything and break anything idk

From what I’ve found, not a lot of the usual engine INI’s are exposed the way they usually are with unreal engine games, but you might be able to improve it slightly.

In Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor you’ll find a INI file called GameUserSettings.ini.

Make a backup of this file, then try to lower some settings such as postprocessquality or something.

But the easiest solution would probably be to just lower stuff in the menu, then lower the resolution scale to 80% or something.

Resolution scale will lower the image quality a bit, but being able to play with smooth framerate will definitely be worth it.

Your should be able to tweak the file according your own preferences, just don’t forget to set it to read-only or the game will change settings, even if they are not in the .ini file. I have FPS capped @60 with AA enabled but every time I start the game FPS goes up to 120. I have to go to settings, move the slide to custom FPS back and forth 60 in order to stay locked @60.