Is it possible to enjoy DLC content at the right level?

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Somewhat abridged title there as i didn’t quite know what to call this.

My question is - given the steps needed to collect the maximum number of SDU upgrades in BL1 (Game of the Year PS4 in my case) can i (and coop partners) actually experience the DLC content scaled to the correct difficulty?

I’ll give the example of my current solo Soldier play through. I did playthrough 1 and about half of playthrough 2 before going back and running through the DLC content to get the SDU upgrades from Zombie Island and Claptrap (i don’t bother with the Lockdown palace as it’s too annoying to farm). You can’t really play the DLC properly in PT1 as it will hugely over-level you for PT2.

I stopped playthough 2 having collected (dashboard farmed) all the SDUs available, and having reached the Eridian Promontory at level 50, but not defeating the destroyer so as to not trigger PT2.5.

To get all the SDUs i now have to fire up the DLCs - however all the enemies in them are 43-44 and an absolutely cake-walk.

As we are (still!) not able to reset playthroughs, does this effectively mean the choice is between collecting all the possible backpack space (rather important in an end-game revolving around farming loot) or experiencing the DLC content with some actual challenge.

Honestly this is less an issue for me and more for my coop partner, who is playing the game for the first time. I’d rather like us to be able to experience the excellent DLC (better than the main game in my opinion) with some semblance of challenge.

Possibly just a long rant but… thoughts?


P.S. Seriously - resetting play throughs should have been an absolute no-brainer for the remaster.

The suggestions in this post are generally good in terms of levelling:

Not sure how you’d work the DLCs in Pt. 1 through that, though. Maybe @billthebetta or @Matrixneo42 can fill in the blanks there?

Thanks for the thread suggestions.

I have indeed read that thread and also the guide to collecting SDUs here;

I believe if i finished the destroyer in PT2 close to lvl 50 and started PT2.5 then i would get properly levelled DLC - however this would sacrifice the SDU upgrades in said DLC which are not attainable in 2.5, hence the dilemma.

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You’ve pretty much got it on the nose, as far as I know there isn’t a way to max out your backpack to 72 and always stay on level.

The best you could try to do would be a unique run where you kill as few enemies as possible and burn through the story missions. Even doing that though, I think you’d still end up overleveled at one point, and playing this way wouldn’t really be playing through the campaigns normally.

Thanks, I pretty much figured that was the case after reviewing the existing guides. Rarely do min-maxing and having fun coincide but i view backpack space as something of a necessity rather than a luxury in Borderlands!

On the plus side you can still get like over 60 storage space and still do the DLCs in PT2.5 at a good and enjoyable level, so that will have to be enough.


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In my recent play through, I am bouncing back and forth between play through 1 and 2. In play through 2 I’m doing only story missions. In play through 1 I’m doing DLC to attempt to get storage SDUs and skill points and elemental skill things from the werewolves. But I think I may have forgotten something. Not sure I get a skill point for beating DLC in play through 1. And claptrap rescues are jerks sometimes so I don’t think I always got a storage SDU either.

I’m in the remaster.

The DLC scales pretty well in play through 1 after beating the main game. Knoxx is still hard for example at level 42.

I switch back to play through 2 when I’m at the right level for the current main story quest. And as I said above, I’m only doing the main quest in play through 2 currently.

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Had this discussion recently:

Looks like you only get the skill points from Underdome and Robolution, but you can get them in each play-through.

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