Is it possible to get m10 plaugebear on ps4?

I have been farming for 5 hours still hasn’t dropped.

It is definitely I 've got plenty of them but sometimes the warden just wanna drop it, then I went some where else and get back the next day, that truly helped to raise my mood :smile:

Ok thanks it feels like I’m going crazy RN :laughing:

Go for a villa run then return or it drives you crazy I know that :joy:

I have some in the safe :wink:
are you looking for a certain anointing or element or don’t you care? Do you play on PS4?

I’m currently farming for a 300 90 but everyone I get is m6 I think and yes i play ps4

Warden drops are terrible, thankfully I have a few kind friends on here that saved me from the madness. :crazy_face:

Haha lucky (:

I have gotten a few from Warden. Each visit I would get at least one within two hours. PS4. M10 level.
What is irritating to me is I have yet to ever see a Boom Sickle >:frowning:

Got a fair few now, none with any currently useful anointments although we will see if that changes with the patch :wink:

Got plenty of good ones now, if anybody interested check ps4 trading forum

Doesnt matter the platform.

ive done over 16 hours of farming warden nonstop before. 7 one day a few hours i between ive written about it ive sent feedback about it.

Ive gotten 4. 1 with a good enchant 1 with a ok enchant two with crap.

Prepare to play like itsa fulltime job.

To see one item. Thats the vorderlands endgame. Lol

Also i still noticed under mayhem gear. No lootsplosion modifier. Why? I dunno.