Is it possible to go from ps4 to ps3?

If you have a ps4 character, can you upload it to ps3 and keep all the same gear?

one way street bud.

Even with a flash drive?

You mean with cross save? Of course.

You can only upload one at a time but I am certain you can move in any direction between ps3 and ps4 (even vita with presequel) because I did so inorder to get the BL1 save data skins and heads for characters I hadn’t used on ps3 and use up my gold keys to bring that stuff back.


Indeed you can but you should at least have the important DLCs on the PS3 as well since it could (but I don’t know for sure) lead to missing weapons. Might just stash the DLC weapons in the bank to make sure.
I did this a few times in the past to get the trophies for the DLCs by doing everything except for the final stuff on the PS4 and send my characters back to the PS3 to get the PS3 and PS4 DLC3 trophies at almost the same time :3


Yeah, I sent my Axton and Krieg back to PS3 to powerlevel them because of the stupid sub-account stuff on PS4.

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Thank you SO much for the responses guys! I know this is a huge favor, but is anyone able to obtain an item from someone on ps4 for me, then transfer it to ps3 so i could have it? Sorry for being such a pain in the ass, i wouldnt ask this for an ordinary item. Not sure if you read my Rant post, but it is a flawless Skin of the Ancients :’)