Is it possible to have too much loot?

My gear bank reads 576 in red, 199 in green, and I have 61 unopened packs. Is this going to cause problems down the line?

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Well, first off… no, you can never have too much loot.

Second off… in this case… you have a bit more loot then the game wants you to have.

I’m not sure what is going to happen if you just let it sit there, but I do know right now (unless the patch today fixed it) you’ll only be able to see the first 199 items in you Gear box.

This will mean you probably won’t see any of your common items, and possible a good chunk of your uncommon items.

If anyone knows of a way to see the hidden stuff, please let me know too as I’ve forgotten to manage my loot (getting rid of doubles, usually totally sell off all common items, etc) and find myself having to scrape and sell items I don’t want just to get to the common items to ditch them.

I want some of that loot…

Need more data.

A favor? If you happen to see any negatives for shield-pen, health regen, or shard generation (I think they were removed), let me know? Also and epic with a secondary of improved buildable cost.

I could use the data for my gear data thread.