Is it possible to increase GR after starting with a new character?

Trying to figure out if you can still increase your guardian rank when starting a new character. I beat it with Moze. Starting anew with Amara. I just leveled up but my GR did not increase. Rather, I saw the bar increase and ‘level up’ but didn’t get any tokens. Does GR only increase in endgame/after level 50?

Nobody is talking about this. Online searching only explains GR rewards. Plz halp?

You have to go to the GR menu and have it say ‘Guardian Rank unlocked’ for the new character.

Yes, new characters who haven’t finished the campaign still contribute to Guardian Ranks, but since they’re not earning very much XP relative to what is needed, their impact is hard to notice.

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I guess I wasn’t clear. It IS unlocked. Just didn’t receive a token for filling the bar this time.

Thank you! @gwar2d2

Sometimes there is more than 1 bar. I’ve seen under differing chars the GR bar cycle all the way to the right, then appear back at the left without a GR token being issued.

This leads me to think you need to fill the GR bar twice…to get a token…or at least it does at GR rank circa 94.

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Mine is at GR 76. Thanks for the info, @diestocresta

I haven’t noticed this myself, but if it’s true that’s a really weird decision by Gearbox. The UI team for this game really dropped the ball, huh?

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Definitely happens.

Bug or not - who knows, but like you say, wierd decision to have a progression bar that doesnt actually truly represent the progression.

Tbf, it’s not something I’m concerned about. I treat tokens like a bonus…I don’t spend it until i get it :slight_smile:

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I don’t think there is more than one bar, I think there is a graphical glitch that sometimes happens when you gain GR experience that makes it appear as though the bar is filing up and continuing on as a newer bar- but that isn’t actually happening. You are actually just getting the existing bar incremented by the amount of XP you should have gotten in the first place, the bar filling up thing is a visual bug.