Is it possible to make turanic carriers make build taiidan ships?

I wanted to make the Turanic Attack carrier replace the taiidan carrier in the campaign and let it build taiidan fighters instead of Turanic ones.

Unpack HW1Campaign.big, it’s there.

Do you replace tai_carrier with tur_p1mothership (that is what hw1ships.big called it)

In the respective mission files, yes.

Can it still launch the Taiidan Interceptors ect or does it just not build them at all?

In tur_p1mothership.ship you will be looking for this line:

addAbility(NewShipType,"CanBuildShips",1,"Fighter_Tur, Corvette_Tur, Frigate_Tur","Utility, Fighter, Corvette, Frigate, Capital");

In theory you should be able to simply replace it with the respective line in the tai_carier.ship, which reads:

addAbility(NewShipType,"CanBuildShips",1,"Fighter_Tai, Corvette_Tai, Frigate_Tai, Resource_Tai, NonCombat_Tai","Fighter, Corvette, Frigate, Resource, NonCombat");

Then the Turanic Carrier would function as a Taiidan Carrier. In theory anyway; I don’t think you’d have to do anything more than that.

Thanks :slight_smile:

What about the build script? You don’t just automatically get a cross-race production.

The question was to replace the Turanic Carrier for the Taiidan one, that requires editing the campaign mission. It’s nothing that complicated. But somehow (I don’t get that leap), it turned into an edit of the tur_p1mothership?

I mean yeah, you could do that too. But why? It wasn’t the initial point and it seems like an awkward approach.

Where are the mission files anyway I think they are in hw1campaign.big but I’m not sure

Yes, that was the first reply.

It sounded to me like he wanted to know how to get the Turanic Carrier to function as the Taiidan Carrier, not simply take the one out and replace it with the other:

Clearly it was more complicated of a process than I remember though, because as you say, there would have to be something in the AI code that would tell the Turanic Carrier to build stuff. Plus you probably have to change the prefix so it’s considered a Taiidan unit (tai_p1mothership). So my advice was not good enough, but from what I can tell, he did essentially want to make the Turanic Carrier act as a Taiidan Carrier. Only he could tell you why, lool.

Might be a little to complicated for what you gain for it :slight_smile:

Was the title always worded like this? If so, my bad. Some signals in my brain must have misfired.

It was at least worded like that when I read it, lol. Don’t sweat it :sunglasses:

I didn’t know you could change the title :wink:

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Really I didn’t :smile_cat:

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