Is it possible to move my BL3 game to a different (faster) hard drive on my PC?

Hello. I was tired of slow loading of levels due to my old hard drive and got a new faster one. Is there a way/is there a best way to move the game files to the new drive?


Best and safest would be reinstall.

So that means start the game over?

Nah, make sure your game is synced with the launcher and you should be good to go once you reinstall it.

I believe there is a thread somewhere that shows the location of the save files on the drive locally if you wanted to go that extra mile.

You can clone your hd as long as the new drive is same size or larger. If you decide to reinstall your OS you can go into documents> my games> borderlands 3> saved and copy your SaveGames folder and put it somewhere you can access later (flash drive)…if you reinstall, and you just put it back in same place afterward. If your current hd has no problems cloning would be fastest, though a clean install is always better. But you should make a copy of your SaveGames folder anyways just in case you were to get a corrupt save file. ALso you should have a save in the epic cloud and when you start the game again on a fresh install, it should tell you there is a difference between cloud save and local and you then choose accordingly

Another item for the endless list of Steam features missing from the hopeless Epic rubbish.

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Thanks everyone. New primary drive installed but i had the game on a non-primary storage drive which was why it was so slow. I cant seem to uninstall and reinstall the game. it wants to keep putting it back on the old drive letter.