Is it possible to play single player offline?

What the title says, I have issues with my internet connection so I was wondering if it worked offline

Nope, only with an internet connection, as far as I’m concerned.

Sad, but expected. Thanks for the heads up

Is online only just for the beta? The reason I could not get into destiny was due to how long it took to load, and if I lost connection I could not play. If you can’t play single player offline that might kill it for me unfortunately. Anyone have any insight?

Only online always. That goes for the final release as well.

It’s for the best. Your gear carries over to all modes, including PvP. It’s always online, so that the guys that used hacked weapons in Borderlands 1 can’t do that here, and then take those to PvP.

The only downside is anyone with a bad connection should look elsewhere. I’m currently stuck play from the world’s worst hotel wifi, so game is basically unplayable. But fortunately, this is temporary.

Yep I’m getting honestly ridiculous amounts of actual lag (jumps in my movement and crashing into walls, enemies disappearing, etc) that makes the game unplayable even at school where I’ve got a good wifi connection. Hopefully some of this will be reduced when we get into the actual release, but if there’s no solution it means I won’t be able to buy the game. Pretty disappointing.

It’s probably not possible at this stage to even consider an offline story mode. The server might be the only reason the game can operate the way it does.

It can be played offline: the online requirement is to help prevent cheating in its PVP mode. The only other option would be to set it up so you can’t bring the stuff you acquire offline into online matches. I’d like to see private matchmaking though, but we’ll see how things shake out.

Playing in private PVP doesn’t get you anything in actual PVP and PVE, maybe Offline Story mode could be the same? Private story mode should still stay as is though, so that people can progress alone without having to go PVP.

I hope this is not true. Having the full game be online only would be a huge disappointment. My best friend and I loved borderlands and played the series for about a 1000 hours, not even exaggerating. His internet sucks. So what I seem to be reading here is he’ll never be able to play Battleborn.

I know it’s a game designed heavily for online co-op but that doesn’t mean offline should be ignored. You can’t advertise a game as being a great “couch co-op” game and then basically say even though you can’t really play couch co-op or even single player without Internet. That’s bull.

I have a feeling the online only aspect is only for the beta so they can monitor what’s happening and what they need to fix. I feel that in the final release private offline matches will not require a connection. If they don’t do that they’re going to loose sales. I’m sure of it. It may only be a small portion of their fan base but that small portion is going to be pissed.

Do we need PS Plus in order to play Single Player or Local Co-op Private? If so, that would be kind of pointless and hurtful…