Is it possible to purposefully delete Badass Rank?

And I’m not talking about the reset button that allows you to respec an existing BAR, I mean a complete erasure of the stats.

I ask this because, well, I want that to happen. I’m starting a new character, but I don’t want to have to keep the old character’s BAR. It kinda’ feels like cheating to me. :confused:

And yeah, I know I can just hit “Disable”, and I’ll probably do just that. I just wanted to see if it was possible.

Within the parameters of the game, I don’t think so. It’s either going to be temporarily disabled, or kept as is.

Just me, but I really like the cumulative BAR. After bazaillions of characters and enough points you can do some fun stuff. Heavily invested in gun damage/crit damage, every gun now comes with the “extra 15% gun damage and critical bonus”. Heavily invested in accuracy/recoil reduction/fire rate? Every gun is now part Vladof. Max health bug? Get Krieg to OP 8 and see how much health you can put on him.

I wish, that slag licked challenge is glitched in mine. My BA rank has gone up about 30k since moving to ps4 :frowning: