Is it possible to refund on the basis of ruined drop rates?

So, I bought the game after seeing on streams that it looks fun. I’m not a no-life pro-gamer, I just want to play it casually and enjoy the content without re-grinding the same bosses hundreds of times. Based on what I saw, I though BL3 is exactly the game I’m looking for.

And now, after I bough the game, Gearbox removed all the fun from it.
Unfortunately, I more than 2 hours in, so the normal Epic Store rules do not work. However, I don’t feel like I got the game I paid for. I paid for the fun stuff I saw on streams, not for the tedious grind-fest that I got with this “hotfix.” There is no “roll back” button anywhere, and no way to uninstall the patch, so I feel scammed.

Is there a way to get my money back?


The hotfix drop rate change only applies to Mayhem Mode; regular game play is not affected. You can avoid the hotfix by not being connected to the internet when you launch the game. Also remember that drops are still subject to RNG - you may just have hit a patch of bad luck right after the hotfix. The loot is still there. I’d also point out that if Gearbox feel they over-corrected, they will readjust the numbers at some point.


But there seem to be no legendaries on normal mode anyway (at least I haven’t seen one in my playthrough so far). If I want to experience the crazy builds I saw on streams, like the one where Moze with a specific legendary class mod and a specific legendary shield was throwing legendary grenades non-stop, I can’t do it on Normal, and now I also can’t do it on Mayhem because my drop rates will be significantly lower than they were for people on streams, so it would take me forever to get the gear (not even talking about the perfect rolls on it, just the items in question).

Could you also elaborate the part about not being connected? Should I just uninstall the game, then reinstall it, then switch Epic Launcher to offline mode, then disconnect my internet, and never connect it again to avoid getting future patches? And all that just to play the game I paid for?


no idea havent played that much but I got 3 legendaries in 10 mins and this was on easy mode.

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I did some (post-hotfix) regular non-mayhem TVHM last night, drops rates seemed okey-dokey to me, as I expected. Shrakk dropped an orange, and a random badass fanatic also world-dropped an orange. Opened two Typhon chests, both full of blues and purples.

The game drops legendaries all the time dude. I’m not farming bosses. I’ve only re-killed 4 bosses. In addition there are tons of fun builds without even touching legendaries.

I believe some quests give guaranteed legendary rewards as well. And dont forget that some blue and purple items have red text. For example, there is a side mission grenade quest reward that helps you deal with the Nog enemy.

And as you play, you will eventually get enough eridium to buy the annointed stuff near crazy earl. I bought some at level 15 and level 30. Those items do some really interesting things. The level 15 shield I bought in there was useful for 10 to 15 levels.

I’ve earned about 20 legendaries in my full playthrough of the game. Drop rate for bosses seems to be something like 50%.

I guess the point is, there is LOT going on in this game and I’m not even always using a legendary.

Have you tried atlas guns, for example? That was a legendary effect in BL2. But not every atlas gun has that effect. (take note of the alternate fire mode of atlas guns).


emm… My stash is full of all legendary’s lvl 50.
My inventory is also full of legendary’s lvl 50.

All gear is legendary and even got 3 different OP SMG’s, that deals 6000 effect dps/s. (fire, shock and corrosive)

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I would just play the game as is. Don’t start avoiding hotfixes or patches. Generally when gearbox patches something the game is fine and usually better overall.

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Hm… Ok, you all seem confident in Gearbox’s ability to deliver. Maybe I’m just too unlucky.

Still unsure I if want to get all the way to the end of the game to experience the same disappointment I got with Diablo 3, where the game on release expected me to either farm for hundreds of hours just to see a legendary I want, or use the auction house.

Definitely wouldn’t buy BL3 today if I knew that the drop rates were devastated compared to what I saw, but let’s hope that it’s not as bad as people are saying.


It takes time.

I haven’t redone any content and came out with over a dozen legendaries across the 38 levels my siren earned.

I found the loot good. Epics dropped often. You can always purchase a new gun from a vending machine. Rarely used the same loadout for very long. The story is horrible… but the loot is good.

The streams that were dropping literally leggo after leggo were already on mayhem 3 level 35+ after playthrough 1. To expect to run literally specific legendaries from finding legendaries on the ground that optimize your character, is entirely unrealistic for a first playthrough without grinding.

In my first playthrough before the patch went through, i found some leggos of course, but honestly my g/f found way more than me and its entirely RNG. I fought a tubby on 1 character like level 5 that dropped a leggo, and on my second character, i did NOT find a tubby.

If it is an overcorrection, i feel not enough time has passed since i can’t play Mayhem 3 yet. But if i play Mayhem 1+2 and don’t get a decent amount of leggos i will be really sad and my motivation to play will go away because like you, I work and don’t have time to grind a boss 40x for 1 leggo, only to find out it might be the wrong element or something.


What level are you? And what chapter of the story?

Check your social mailbox as you play. The game will, over time, stock you with items there too, with or without a friends list. I think i’ve received legendaries from the game there too. I think the manufacturers pay attention to your kill counts and send you items every 100 kills or something.

I immensely enjoyed my first playthrough of this game with zane. I enjoyed the gameplay and the story. And more. And even though I’ve beat the game I still feel like I’ve only really done about 1 to 5% of what I can do/enjoy in this game and the DLC isn’t even out yet (which will likely increase the value 2 to 4x).
I’m now working side missions.

Another thing to consider. These kinds of games it’s usually more about using what you get and finding your own combinations of awesome. Did you get a legendary melee focused shield? Consider re-speccing into skills that enhance that.

I think that

I think they made a right call. Legendary weapons were no longer legendary, since they would drop left and right. If they left it the way it was the game wouldn’t survive long. I was getting bored when I started mayhem 3 and my bank was filed with legendaries One of the reasons why borderlands 2 was so good is farming. Plus its not the final patch, its only a hotfix. Patch will be released later. They will probably address adding a designated loot pool to bosses/rare enemies so that you’ll know who to farm.


Diablo 3 is the most care bear, easy to get loot game.

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No. Epic’s refund policy says one thing but they do not abide by it. If you’ve played the game for more than 25 seconds they’re keeping your money. They’ll also send you a “i’m sorry you feel that way” sort of response and “encourage you” to look over their forums, specifically giving me links to the Fortnight forums to ask about my issues for REBEL GALAXY OUTLAW.

Epic Games, Inc.
620 Crossroads Blvd
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Write a letter maybe.

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I’m lvl 11 and almost got to the Sanctuary. Like I said, I don’t have a lot of time, and I play slowly, doing the optional objectives on maps etc.
It’s still disappointing. I saw on stream how people were killing the Varkid mini-boss and getting legendaries from it. I killed him several times and saw none.

In BL2 there were not too many legendaries, so low drop rates were somewhat justified (although I saw a 1-life Krieg run on Twitch where the streamer spent like 2 hours trying to get a Fastball grenade from one of the first locations; it’s just bad game design IMO that the drop rate is so pathetic).

Here, however, there are hundreds of them, so if I want to see how a build with Transformer shield looks like, I would have to filter through dozens and dozens of other legendaries. On streams this didn’t seem to be a problem. People were getting several legendaries per Mayhem 3 run, so finding a specific thing looked realistic. From what I heard, after the hotfix the drop rate is several times lower. Which simply means several times more grind.

I can’t help but have the feeling that people who complained about the drop rates are some nasty kids who already farmed all they wanted, and now don’t want anyone else to have the same stuff, so that they can feel more special.


And yet you still had to farm for hours to get specific items with specific stats.

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…and it was fun to play. Imagine that.

This, too. So much so that I never took part in Diablo 3 high-level torment end-game. Even with care-bear loot, subjecting yourself to perfect itemization with perfect rolls is hundreds to thousands of hours of effort.

Much more fun to play games like this normally, do a few higher level repeat runs, get a joyful smattering of legendary items, then repeat later when you want that experience again with a new character or build.

Difficulty is one thing, but why should games require intense time investment? Getting too old for it, myself.


That’s not my style. I’ll farm a boss 3 to 10 times max and then I have to do a different activity. I’m way more interested in using what I find smartly and enjoying the story/ride.

thats the purpose of the game dude. It takes me about 15 -20 hours to get everything i want/need in Diablo 3. After thay its just min/maxing and i get bored after 2 weeks cause its too easy.

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