Is it possible to sell your entire backpack by accident?

This has happened twice now in the last 10 hrs. Is it a glitch or did I make a mistake?

Did you press Triangle/Y/WhateverItIsOnPC by accident while none of your items were starred?

Yea its possible. I did it a couple times by accident

The items were starred. x-box 360. I actually am not sure what button I hit. One minute they were there. then they weren’t. was left with just the 4 weapons, shield, grenade mod, class mod and air thing.

If you pressed Y it shouldn’t sell your starred items. If you press A, then it will. Past that, I can’t think of much else.

There’s an option to buyback what you sold (for the same price you got) – on the vendor menu, scroll over to the first tab (Buyback). I’ve done this mistakenly, forgetting I was in the vendor menu!

I pressed Y by accident once myself, and was horrified by the result. I wasn’t using the favorite/star option at the time. I am now, but I still won’t ever press Y here on purpose. You have to pay attention to what you’re selling every time, or 3 days later, you may suddenly realize that the gun you pulled out of the bank or that awesome chest find is gone, and you don’t know how.

ha thats how my friend sold the legendary gladiator skin that Zarpy drops! she didnt realize it till after we left the area and by then it was tooooooo late!

was gonna say something in response to you but decided to say something else and forgot to cancel before making the comment. whoops!

At least you didn’t delete your lvl 60 Wilhelm by mistake like I did last night…

WHAAAAaaaaaAATTT???!!!??? dude do you have back up saves? EVERY time before i log on i back up save onto a flash drive.

Nah. I didn’t like willhelm that much either. Still got another one, so it’s not that bad.