Is it possible to stream Technical Beta on twitch?

Hello Battleborn Team,

I got accepted for the closed technical and there was written that it is not allowed to stream or take footage of the test. Now I saw that there will be twitch streams from tomorrow. Is it possible to stream it on twitch too or do I get kicked from technical beta and further beta programms then?

Thanks for reply and would be awesome if I could share my first impressions of the game at twitch by myself.

The Twitch streams that you saw were part of an official 2K Preview Event.

Once the CTT starts, the NDA does not allow for any capture or streaming.

Absolutely not. Do not stream by any means.
You are only permitted to post about your game experiences in the special CTT forum that should be made available for you guys soon.

As Jeff said, those who were, had permission.


Thank you for the fast reply. I won’t stream it on twitch. I just wanted to make sure I understood it right. Will there be any future betas that are open to stream or do I have to wait until final availability of the game?

Bummer you wont lets us pleebs stream too! I guess we arent connected enough!

Its safe to assume no at this point. Stream until your heart is content when the entire game is released in February though.

Pleebs?! I would think being picked for testing would make you the opposite of that! You were picked to keep a secret and experience awesomeness. Pretty sure that means youre super special :smile_cat:


If you signed the NDA, which you did in order to get access, you are clearly forbidden to stream, discuss or tell others about the CTT (except in the closed forum topic that will open soon for testers). No matter if twitch, youtube or any alse webstream.

I can understand that you want to be one of the first streamers, but maybe you should be more patient to avoid law problems.

How are you going to play in the CTT like that? Looks quite painful.

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Being one of the first to stream it would have been nice to satiate my ever hungry ego, but just getting into the CTT in today’s world of “only invite streamers and YouTubers for the hype train” is pretty great.

Like others said. Don’t stream, and be patient. Your day to unleash the greatness of Battleborn on the public will arrive in due time.

PS: Maybe doing some fanart instead of streaming foreign content? Fanarts are sober fun to cover the time until release^^

I am already happy to be part of the technical preview and will play “off-stream” until the final release. Thanks for the replies.

Ok now I feel special! I needed that! Thank you Kitty_Jo!

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