Is it possible to transfer old Characters to a new PSN Identity

So the thing is that I got a new PSN Identity when I got my PS4 way back in 2013. Foolishly enough I though I need to. Now most of my friends and games are with this new identity and it would be great if I could transfer my old Borderlands 2 Characters to the PS4 Identity. Is there any way?

I don’t think so I’m pretty sure the save file is linked to your account and you wouldn’t be able to transfer it over. You could just sign with your old account and send your friends friend requests with that one. I’m sure you don’t want to but it might be the only way legitimately without using gibbed editor but I believe that’s breaking TOS agreement.

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If you transfer your character from your old PSN account to the same PSN account on PS4, you can then transfer that character save to a different account using the copy save feature on PS4.

What is this copy save feature? I would love to be able to do this

Go into application saved data management. You should be able to select your saves for any of your games and either upload them to the PS+ cloud, or copy them to a USB thumb drive. Switch accounts and then copy the save to the new account. You may even be able to copy it without USB stick but I’m not sure.

Thanks for the help so far. Tried the USB Stick option. Only my new PSN Identity doesn’t recognise the old Saves, though the old one does. Can I rename the files on the computer so that they load with the new Identity ?

On your PS3, find the data you wish to save, copy, and save to your new profile. Open up BL2, make sure it transferred and if it did, use the cross save feature to get it to your PS4.

I agree with axendo79. If you can’t transfer to a new ID on PS4, transfer it to your new ID on PS3 then use cross save to upload to PS4.

Ok, I have to be honest. I am really having a problem following you guys. I have tried to use a usb drive on PS3 and I can’t get it to transfer to a different account. I can get it over to the other login, but when I start the game and try to select the save it tells me that the save is from another account and I can’t use it. Am I totally screwed?

I must have misled you. As far as I know there is nothing you can do about it. I have copied saves for other games to other accounts before but I guess they have some sort of DRM installed on the save to prevent save sharing.

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I tried this, and it said it was unable to upload from another user, you know anyway around this?