Is it Sep. 13 yet?

I want to play :cry:

Me too, as borderlands 2 is broken for me.

88 more days…

I’d just be happy with some Fl4k gameplay videos :slight_smile:

Not at all broken. Go load it up and start a new char at level 30 and try out the new DLC. Should be a damn good time. Or load up your old characters and get re-familiar with your builds and such. Or try new things in the game if you’re having some issues. Either way, if OP levels or TVHM bothers you then stick to normal and true instead (with appropriate level and gear of course).

Not yet. Go back to sleep or coma.

Topic closed and will re-open automatically when it is Sept. 13th. Problem solved.

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I have tried out all 4 characters now and i think Fl4k will be my main guy!