Is it time to do something about Ernest?

Ernest is just ridiculously powerful. He literally controls the entire match. Using his egg, he can push the minions forward so that there is a constant, endless stream of those little bot f**kers attacking the sentry. He can defend that egg with a veritable machine gun barrage of grenades that do huge amounts of damage. He can carpet bomb entire areas with bombs that you can do nothing about. He can send an unavoidable wave of grenades bouncing all over an area that he can’t even see. At the very least, do something about that damn grenade launcher! It fires very fast, the grenades move fast enough that they are almost impossible to avoid, and they do so much damage! With some reload gear and helix options, he can spew forth a seemingly endless stream of those things that will devastate an entire area.


And that’s why I had him mastered the day after his pre-release.

So fun!

EDIT: He can’t hold up a push on his own, though.

Without support / defence, he is easy to chase out and displace.

Stick him with a Kleese around a bend in a chokepoint wall, though…?

The horror…the horror…


That may be true, but he does have four other team members to support him. I find that as soon as I peek around the bend to get a look, Ernest just obliterates me with a barrage of grenades.

I had the misfortune of encountering an Ernest and Ambra combination last night. Eeeeeeck! Have you ever seen Ambra’s flaming halberd fired from within Ernest’s fire rate enhancing egg? It is just like Toby’s ultimate laser, but with infinite range!


Gearbox seems to have a history of making each new character even more grossly overpowered than the last. Perhaps it is intended to incentivize playing them, although I doubt that is necessary. At any rate, it really kills the enjoyment of the game for everyone else, whose only purpose seems to be to provide the player of the new character with fodder for their sadistic egos.


In my opinion @easplund getting in to destroy an Egg is no worse than getting in to destroy a Rift generator or 3.

Maybe you’ve just had worse luck innthe Ernests whi you’ve been matched against…


I have to disagree, because, in general, Ernest’s grenades are much, much worse than anything Kleese has. Kleese would have to have a massive amount of shields and the option to put it all into mortar damage to be comparable, but even then he would have to have his mortars ready. Basically, you would have to encounter a high level Kleese using a special build at just the right time, whereas Ernest is always that bad.

In almost every match, Ernest has had near the highest score, if not the highest. Also, in every match in which there has been an Ernest on the other team, they have won, unless we also had an Ernest. Then it has been a fair fight.

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I’ve never been on the receiving end of that. But with her legendary on the giving end… it’s nonstop glory. She basically has a helix that gives her better ranged capability than Ernest

I disagree. Pendles is debatably underpowered. Ernest is a little strong, but that’s because he can very easily be countered by any stealther or puller.

Debatable by whom? Only an insane person! Pendles kills so many characters in three hits that it is laughable. I can’t count the number of matches that I have had in which Pendles has the highest kills. The best thing about Ernest is that I don’t encounter nearly as many Pendles as I used to.

I would agree, he is a DPS destruction master. He doesn’t really have an escape and he’s squishy and outside the area of his egg, he really loses utility. I use a blue double reload and 2 others with attack speed. I can agree that inside that egg and the attack and reload choices those eggs pretty much soar out of there.

You get a CC master like OM or Whiskey and it kicks him out of the area of the egg. He’s pretty easy pickings after that.

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I suggest frying.


There are more Posts about how easily hard countered he is than posts about him being too strong. If he’s revealed, he’s worthless. If he’s not with a good team, nearly worthless. He simply does not have the capability to kill within three hits. I’m sorry but that’s ridiculous. He can not deal over 1k damage in three melee hits. With ult and three Injections, I understand. But that’s an assassins ult, and they’re all amazing. Example: Rath. But his job is not to kill you from full. If you die from a Pendles in three hits, then he just pushed you into deaths door. Side note: have you played him? Especially against a team with Ambra, Reyna, Ernest, Marquis, and Orendi? They give you no quarter


Best post on the forums. Shut it all down were done here

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Although I won’t be in front of my console for a bit, I played Ernest extensively after launch and believe he is quite balanced. Eggs are easy to destroy and aren’t a game decider even when they are out there. It’s fun to bounce his grenades around corners, but they aren’t crazily powerful, same with his sticky bombs. His ult is useful but not as powerful as many chars. I think GBX learned from their mistakes with Alani and have come out with two well balanced chars since then. My only disappointment with Ernest is that he doesn’t bring anything really different to the game the way Alani and Pendles did.


Well, I must have imagined all of those times when Pendles killed me or my other team members in three hits. That’s a lot of imaginings! I don’t know how he did it, but I hear the “pfffft” as he hits me, I turn around to see him, and bang, bang, bang, I’m dead. This has happened so many times that I can’t count them. And just because he can be countered doesn’t change the fact that he does way too much damage. Just because the police can show up and arrest me doesn’t mean that it is alright for me to go out into the schoolyard and start beating up third graders. What if they aren’t around?

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Well then those third graders are gonna have to learn to form a defensive team against you!


Pendles can not three hit… Pendles is amazing at finishing low health targets and bursting down others but he can’t kill in three hits… Ever. Pendles is designed to be able to dominate in 1v1 situations

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Earnest’s only problem is that his direct damage is a bit high for a weapon that’s so easy to land direct hits with.

Give it a bit less velocity and more of an arc or drop the damage.

Pendles is mediocre.

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