Is it to late to ask?

Does anyone on 360 have the animal slaughtering house. If so can you send a invite to me so I can unlock it? its yearlingsphinx2. Thank you.

Pretty sure you have to have it to play it? It is now available as a separate purchase from the the XBox store.

If someone has it u can join there game and go to it it will unlock.

Ok, didn’t know that. I can probably help you later today, maybe this evening (eastern time zone). I’ll give you a shout if I manage to get on.

Thank you much appreciation it.

What level and play through are you on?

Animal slaughter is a bit odd as if you go on a game where the host don’t have the dlc the travel sign won’t show but will show if the host has the dlc and all players can go there even if they don’t have it. Could be because it not a fast travel area or something different

I still have my 360. If you haven’t had anyone help you yet. You can hit me up.

GT: Kurtdawg13

I have all the DLC’s and add-ons. I am happy to help. :innocent: