Is it too much to ask

Is it too much to ask the developers to change the lore requirements for some of the characters? Specifically the ones that require 25 kills of another character?
I know this has been written about in various threads but I’m actually surprised this site isn’t flooded with demands.
I do think they should change the lore for the certain characters. I don’t understand why it would be a big deal. The characters specific legendary can be a great piece of gear. But it’s also not something that if earned is a big deal. Although thinking further about it, some legendaries can be very pertinent to surviving in pve.
I do think it hurts the game slightly. Is it game breaking? No. Maybe just trivial. I really don’t know if the developers thought this through.

My question stands for everyone else; is it too much to ask the developers to change lore requirements?

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I think they are revising the lore requirements.

Just curious why you “think” they’re looking into changing lore requirements

Devs have already commented on it officially.

It’s really not top priority though so I wouldn’t expect it to happen super soon or even on everyone at once. I bet it will happen sometime this month though.

Wow, I must have completely missed or forgot this info.

Thank you

Put me in a good mood. A month or 2 is no big deal. Man super hyped

Here goes the exact words used…

“jythri 7 points 7 days ago
Mentioned this in the other thread about this: We’re going to try to do a pass on these this week and reduce the requirement. We hear you (and we’re playing too). This is too much hate for one Ambra!
Short term: we’ll reduce requirements on multiple challenges
Long term: We’ll try and avoid the more frustrating challenges.
We probably won’t be changing the requirements to play in both PvE and PvP. We will also probably not support completion of challenges in Private matches, as some have suggested. There are challenges that give titles that are badges of honor, and we would like to maintain the integrity of those challenges.
The most important thing we are reviewing currently is the difficulty of challenges that are outside the intended range of … well… challenge. Those should be getting some love soon.”

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Question answered, I guess. There are a few other threads already running on this topic, you might want to contribute to those instead.