Is it VERY hard to get elements on Vladof Rifles and Pistols in early game?

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Ditto, elaborate. The only lvl 0 elemental weapon I’ve ever gotten that early is the Hornet.

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Yeah this has been my experience too. I also start way too many fresh characters, and I always come across Maliwan fire pistols very early. I end up using one for most of the early game before Flynt (usually use a Torgue pistol against Flynt) unless I’m going after bullymong fur; don’t want that stuff going up in flames before I can punch it away. :smiley:



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Still working on letting my Axton get to 72 first. I am not letting this topic die. I am gonna report my findings on a new Salvador


I started a new Zer0 on a lark - this is the first non-Maliwan elemental I found.

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That is a great find already! Shocked it wasn ta maliwan lol. I am 69 on Axton right now so I will be able to start doing reports soon enough.

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Okay its not vladof but literally right away in “Town Ain’t Big Enough Quest” I found a level 3 Elegant Aegis incendiary lol.