Is it worth doing The story again at 50 for legendaries

I wonder if the legendary item we get as mission reward could also be had as world drop?
and also is there any particular mission legendary that is good it is almost worth doing another level 50 play through?

As a side note just started farming legendary repetitively, leaving and restarting game near Captain Traunt!
First time farming legendary that way! Feeling rewarded! :smiley:

I am just working my way through the TVHM for the first time so can’t comment on its level 50 value but the Sellout pistol from the Side quest is pretty good. It is on Eden 6 I believe.

Also the level 50 Porta Pooper weapon from the Side quest in Lectra City is a COV Heavy weapon that actually shreds enemies HP.

It’s worth it until you get to a point where every new legendary you find turns into a mini crisis because your backpack and bank are already full… now you need to figure out what you can drop… “ah… but I liked that gun”… Too bad, kiddo. Bank is broken.


I actually have a level 26 Sellout and was wondering about getting the level 50 hahah! :slight_smile:

And I just started a TVHM playthough, at the party poopa mission, but it is bugged, can’t find the bandits… :confused:

They are not marked on the map but they are in that first indent area to the left of the Fast Travel point.

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If it’s just for some mission reward uniques I wouldn’t consider another playthrough worth it. Most legendaries can be found as world drops, even some of those that are also mission rewards. And the other ones are hardly worth the time required to get to that point.
If you’re enjoying the other aspects of TVHM then go for it.

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It was just for drops!
Yea… I am inclined to think your way… :slight_smile:

ta! :slight_smile: :heart:

The drops (chances) are basically the same when you activate Mayhem in Normal Mode. In TVHM you just get more stuff partly due to the increase in more and tougher enemies.

I started a new TVHM playthrough at 50 for the sole purpose of getting a lvl 50 Pa’s Riffle. I like it that much. Some of the sidequest and main quests rewards are worthy tho. SInce im on console and there is no way to get mayhem on TVMH I needed to do it anyway.


lol i was playing through Eden6, went through a bandit area twice and managed to respawn the mobs there for some reason. first time had 3 different legendaries drop, second time had 2. i think this was during the “increased badass enemies” week

I did it just to get a transformer shield. Really useful. Cloud kill is a good weapon too, but not a top gun in my opinion. The rest of legendaries are normal. Not too bad, neither too good.
I thought in collect all the blue weapons that had red lines inscriptions, but, you know…bank…

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Yeah…I have 3 such blue weapon in my inventory and my bank has only 10 slot left… and after farming for 4 hours (with many repeat on Cap’tain Traunt) I am starting to overflow with legendary! :open_mouth: :smiley:

I’m waiting till dlc drop or level cap max raise to do any farming or story replays, I’m just working on getting all characters to fifty until then. And one character on a secondary account to fifty for power leveling. Regrinding for everything when the max level is all set after all dlc seems a pain

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Courageous! :slight_smile:
I have Amara which I mostly play, amd Moze around 26… Which I only levelled that far to get the Sellout… :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue:

Im playing on xbox and the second run is very bored, because you cant activate mayhem mode until you finish it. It should be an option in the tittle screen to activate it since you finish the first run.

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I feel you man…
Hopefully the big upcoming patch should fix that! :slight_smile:


Speaking as an ■■■■■■■ who did a lot of the map challenges and side quests while leveling… my vote is yes. I’ve been playing through TVHM at 50 on M2 (finished normal at 44-45, a friend boosted me to 50 afterwards) and I’ve come across a lot of legendaries and upgrades. Trying to run through everything so I have all the TVHM spawn points with that bigger loot modifier.

Word of advice though - the second you see “THE ANVIL” on your screen.

Gird your ■■■■■■■ ■■■■. It is not how you remember it from NVHM.

What I did was leaving side missions that give good items after I reach level 50 and activate mayhem 1-3. I did it for transformers, zero & hammerlock quest.

Thats is a good idea, but when I played the first run, I did it without see any forums or advices. I thought that the game worked like the previous B1 and B2, so I didnt feel the need to do that, believing that I could activate mayhem 3 at the beggining of the second run, or even thinking that the second run would be much more difficult than mayhem 3 in normal, so would be funny…my mistake