Is it wrong to want Clone to Throw Tediore?

Is it a bad thing to want Zanes Clone to be able to Throw Tediore weapons in its reloads?

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yes clone too op pls narf

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Is that something like barf?
Oh well, at least you arn’t wrongfully calling for a nerf.

Well he should be able, weapon copy have the same properties as original, tediore reload should not be an exception , but they probably coded the clone in a way that ended up like that :rofl: If I were you I d submit the question to the support: intended or bug?

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Huh, guess I shouldn’t have assumed it was intended.
Half the shields won’t copy their effect if you get the shield perk on one of Zanes tree’s.
So I figured I should post here first before assuming it was a bug.

it’s fine , but only the devs could really answer that, only way to reach them is the support, you have the right and the option to submit your ticket as a question, I ve done it before

Nothing wrong with wanting it. :wink:

I came to the conclusion. To appease myself. That the clone is just a very simple holographic gimmick with a simplistic combat AI.

Don’t put it behind a pillar or wall or anything complex to shoot…

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I like using the Clone to see what effects some weapons have.
For what ever reason, when I am firing a weapon that has special effects, I have a hard time noticing the weapons special abilities, cause I am too busy trying to defeat the enemy and stay alive to afford myself the time to pay attention.
So I use Clone as the testing platform so I can see what guns have interesting specials I may want to use, or even leave it to the clone to use while I decide to switch or keep same gun.
I tend to prefer using different weapons then my clone, for the sake of damage type variety.

One of the recent Tediore ShotGuns had an interesting firing pattern and the gun becomes a walking shooty Kamikaze platform with all its amusing sayings. I like trying to have multiple angles of attack, so I was like “S yeah!” and just start holding the trigger, just to empty the clip and get the walking guns out, as I bounce around getting a new vantage point.

But then there was a couple times I wanted to switch weapons and have clone zane do the gun tossing, and that’s when I noticed, Clone isn’t throwing the Tediore gun on reload.

Knowing what I knew about the shield tree special, not enabling all shield effects, I assumed it might be one of those features, for the gun side of things, where certain features won’t be cloned while Clone Zane is using it, just like how the shield wall/dome/carry won’t clone all shield effects.

I was sad he wasn’t throwing this Tediore Gun, so I decided to ask.


I want the same… GBx decided to buff damage for clone to an insane level. I would have much prefered them fix his mechanics to use legendary weapon effects better… Tediore Chuck’s, infinity pistol endless fire, etc. The fact that he uses so many weapons poorly is sad… Same way so many shields don’t work with Distributed Denial. I would much rather unique effects to play and have fun with then crappy effects for massive damage… But hey that’s me.

One thing with the clone using Tediore reload.
Tediore reload used effectively means you shoot one round and reload. What we refer to as Tediore chucking. The clone can already abuse unlimited ammo in different ways. I’m not sure having the Clone chuck full Tediore mags for an entire activation really is a good idea.

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I am certainty not expecting the clone to do the Tediore chunking. I am expecting the clone to empty the mag fully and then do the normal reload, thus resulting in the Clone chunking a Tediore weapon after the mag is completely empty.

I myself don’t like wasting ammo, so I don’t even do the 1 bullet Tediore chunking either.


yes, pat mk II/III property would be fairly interesting if the clone were like that

No, it ain’t. It would be kinda nice, but I guess the Clone basically works the same way as enemies and those don’t chuck either which is probably a good thing. I mean, CoV Badasses with launchers are obnoxious enough, but imagine getting a smooth 200k damage into the face from any random bandit in the game who just so happened to spawn in with a Tediore Shotgun…

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They actually do copy, its a DIFFERENT bug thats making it not work. If you throw down your stationary barrier, you’ll notice a machine projecting the shield. Thats what the shield is using. The easiest way to notice is the Impaler.

However, when you hold the shield, that projector is IN the ground, and it doesn’t have line of sight to activate many effects.