Is K:D even relevant?

I realise that this might upset some people so let me start by saying that this is not intended to offend, insult, or start a fight. Now let’s begin.

I’ve seen a lot of people bragging that their overall K:D in the open beta was positive, or that they never went negative (Something I find hard to believe but I’m not here to criticise or judge) but these aren’t selling points for me to add you, if anything this deters me. Yes, having a high K:D is impressive in any PvP format but in a cooperative objective-based game it is not really relevant. Many times I saw players in PvP focus on kills as though they were the primary objective, which they are not, and sometimes those players were on the losing team. They may have topped the leaderboard but their team lost because they didn’t play the objective. I myself have screenshots of times I topped the leaderboard and even times where my team outscored the enemy team by 20 kills but we still lost.

The point is: Your bragging means nothing if you have a positive K:D but a negative W:L, this is not a typical FPS where kills win games, and as I said I have screenshots to prove that. I had a positive K:D and a positive W:L (Just) in the open beta after 200+ games but even if this is true, bragging still means nothing without proof. Instead of talking ourselves up and bragging about how good we are personally, I think we should be talking about the games we won by a landslide and how solid our team performances were. I believe this is how we can unify and solidify our community and increase the future playerbase of Battleborn, by playing a team-based game as what it is instead of bragging that we got the most kills.
In a game where most of the playerbase is focusing on the mode objective and treating kills as a secondary objective, is it really that impressive if you get the most kills when the other players in your team aren’t even focused on killing the enemy? And is it worth bragging about your high kills or positive K:D in games that your team lost? I prioritise the objective but if I end up topping the leaderboard I get quite excited over it, though I don’t care if I have the least kills and most deaths so long as we win the game that’s what’s impressive and important to me.


This game is, no matter how much GB doesn’t want to call it this, a MOBA in a lot of design choices.

What you are stating is just a general rule of pretty much every MOBA, Objectives > Kills every single day. Doesn’t matter if you got a double if they got the middle mercenaries and now are pushing your sentry.

So yeah, agree.

But people are greedy, as much as I love someone realizing this, it sadly won’t reach the ears of most people.

I think my K:D ratio is negative. XD I got to rank 60, idk how many hours or matches I have played. Didn’t really pay attention to that.
But I’ve been playing Miko the most, and I barely ever get kills so K:D doesn’t matter to me at all. After a match, I always scroll to the right to see how much I have healed and I look at my assists.

And I once had a team that started focusing on killing, but we fell behind on the enemy team and then we decided we had to go for the minion. We made an insane comback, and the final score was 500-499. I actually have a screenshot of that.;p[quote=“Slif_One, post:1, topic:1381134”]
I prioritise the objective but if I end up topping the leaderboard I get quite excited over it, though I don’t care if I have the least kills and most deaths so long as we win the game that’s what’s impressive and important to me.

This. (Except for when I’m Miko. Then I am not exited over topping the leader board because that means our team did very bad.)


I personally agree completely with what you’re saying. However, I think the reason a lot of people brag about kills is because if you aren’t able to get them when it is needed, the team might end up losing skirmishes because of that. Which in turn might lose you the match if it happens frequently.

If you have a team with people who are good at killing other players, then the objectives should be fairly easy to accomplish if they wanted to. The only really bad instances is when you have said team and they just don’t want to accomplish the objective anyway.

In my opinion, being able to hold your own in many different situations is important, even if you’re an objective focused player. I also think that some people who can hold their own and get lots of kills assume that focusing on the objective is an easy skill to master even though they haven’t necessarily tried it.

When I played SWTOR, the small group of PvP players I was playing with was exactly like that, assuming that the objective was easy to accomplish if we wanted to.
In many cases when we got actual opposition, this turned out to be false. The objective was a lot harder than we expected and suddenly, we had lots of damage/healing/kills/protection, but we lost anyway.

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Lol as a primary Miko your K:D is even less relevant lol. If you die to save others, you’re playing the support role the right way. If you support but also get kills and top the leaderboard good for you! If you top the leaderboard but don’t heal and have least assists GTFO! Lol.

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XD This is so true.

Oh how many times I have died, but healed my ally in time to make him/her able to escape. Feels so good. ;p

I only really get kills by accidentaly killing an enemy when hitting them with the stunning spore sack. ;p

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Lol. Are you on PS4? I don’t mind a hybrid Miko but I’d love to have a full-time healer on my team.

Edit: Most of my friends are like, “I’m not playing healer!” And I’m like, "If I have to I’m playing Ambra!"
I have nothing against support (I love Reyna) I just don’t like playing as Miko, but I love him/her/it on my team!

Nope, XB1. Sorry. ;p
I really am a full-time healer, because I simply really like being the support. I’ve seen loads of Miko’s just throwing knives, makes me feel sad. ;p

You should totally come over to PS4, especially if you like healers, we get Alani first :stuck_out_tongue:

I could get into a whole spiel about player psychology and reward mechanisms, but I’m sleepy, so I’ll sum it up with this:

There’s no button to focus your opponent’s entire screen on you laughing and waggling your butt at them when you increase your Objective score. :wink:

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True. I have a PS4 and I have been thinking about buying the game for both consoles. I mean, this game is one of my most favorite games of all times already. (Maybe third fav… Second?)
But I’ll first play a bit on XB1. My sister prefers playing on the PS and she also thinks about buying it so chances are big that I will be able to come to PS4 one day. ;p

That would be excellent, when you destroy an enemy sentry a box appears in the corner of every opponent’s screen so you can taunt them all xD
Make it five boxes so the whole team can taunt them all, that way even if you don’t destroy the sentry (Which I doubt Boldur does often) you still get the opportunity to taunt because it was a team effort x’D

Borderlands 2 was my favourite game for the 3.5 years or so it’s been around for and 3,000 hours is testament to that.
Then Battleborn came along and I was like, how can a beta be THIS enjoyable!?

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How can a CTT be THIS enjoyable?! I fell in love with the CTT and have been hyped ever since. I can’t believe the release of the game is so close now!

Hey, wasn’t this topic about K:D ratio? XD

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Nah. K:D is irrelevant. There are too many different roles you can pick, tank, objective player, healer, builder ect. So, really, K:D isn’t an accurate show of skill in battleborn.


I’ll admit there have been times in both Meltdown and Incursion where we were considerably in front (450-<250 on Meltdown, first sentry down second under attack on Incursion) where I called for a halt on the objective so we could rack up kills and XP, but that was arrogance over logic lol, and only when our victory was (or seemed) inevitable. Likewise if I’m playing with a random team who aren’t playing the objective or we’re just outmatched and losing badly I’ll switch to killer mentality but only after the objective is clearly lost and my efforts are futile. Again, arrogance over logic lol. But the objective is ALWAYS my primary initiative. Oddly, most of my best games personally (Kills, K:D) were big losses lol, comes with playing as an assassin I suppose xD

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For me personally I don’t give a damn about kd ratio. I’m there to have fun. Plus my son plays on my account and destroys my kd anyway. In the beta I was pretty much always at the top for minion kills which helps us win easier. At the end of the day if your having fun that’s all that matters.

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A player that can kill and be teamwork oriented/do the objectives is flat-out better than a player that can only be teamwork oriented/do the objectives but can’t kill to save their lives. I also have extreme doubts that a player who struggles with kills would be any better at ‘doing the objective’, which primarily consists of killing AI-controlled minions that walk in a straight line.

So yes, k/d matters; I would say equally so to the ‘teamwork-smarts’ of the player. I would generally feel more comfortable on a team of natural slayers with no communication than a team of awful players with good objective focus. It’s pretty hard to get any objectives done if you’re dead. Slayers are definitely important.

It is important to note that I am not saying that teamwork/co-operation/objective focus are irrelevant, or less important than killing. I am merely saying that k/d (or really the ability to kill and pump out damage in general) has also a very important role.


The thing about w/l is that if I’m usually playing with randoms, I’m kind of at the mercy of my team. If I’m up against a bunch of people in parties, who are all communicating, I’m probably going to lose even if I’m better than them because they can coordinate as a team, and I can’t talk to my teammates. Additionally in Incursion mode, the win is kind of determined pretty early in the game, so there’s not much I can do about that. However, if I lose, but I get the most kills, that means despite the fact that my team could have been all over the place, I put up one hell of a fight against the other team. K/d definitely applies less depending on who you are playing as; you can’t really judge a Miko off of his kills, but in a way, killing the enemy team, especially in incursion, kind of is the objective.

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This is a fair point but there are variables. The most obvious is their character choice and playstyle. Team-oriented tanks for example tend to take a lot of damage and die a lot but they assist just as much as support characters. I’m not saying that they can’t kill or that they shouldn’t - I’ve seen Montanas completely dominate games - but that it’s not always their primary focus. A primarily tank player with a negative K:D could have an exceptional W:L due to sacrificing themselves for the good of the team, this is in no way a reflection or their inability to kill.

But the rest of your point is sound.