Is Kelvin's sublimate stun bugged?

I’ve only played him in PvP a couple of times but I had noticed that passing through enemies doesn’t always stun them.
This probably happened to me I guess… 20% of the time? And it was for the entire sublimate. That is to say, if I pass through many enemies, none of them at all will be affected.

Most people’s response to this when I tell them has been “You can spec out of stun”. Well I’m aware of that, and it’s not a thing which I do.

But yesterday I was playing Toby against a Kelvin and I noticed he was frantically passing in and out of me multiple times, and I can only assume he was trying to put the stun on me and it wasn’t working.

Has anyone got any insight into this?

I can only offer my anecdotal experience from working on his stun lore - I found the stun, for me, seemed to actually take effect when I wasn’t just constantly moving all over the place but staying still for a second or so…i.e. in Capture surrounded by enemy battleborn I’d just activate the skill and not move from the pad - that worked for me consistently.

Keen to hear thoughts/experiences from Kelvin players on this too.

Someone suggested server lag to me, but it seemed a bit unlikely to me while my friend was moving through a big character like Toby and not getting the stun.

You can only stun enemies the first time you pass through them. You may have unknowingly stunned them already once before, then tried to stun them a second time (though you thought it was the first time). You can damage enemies multiple times with sublimated, but you can only stun them once.