Is KHWHD as good as it sounds?

Because it seems good …but then again so did Helios when I first started on BL2. So I figured id ask first this time. Save myself a “wtf” moment.

I don’t like it for the sole reason that it adds clap in the suicide to your pool, also it’s useless in solo and the aggro draw is pretty weak in multiplayer.

I actually like it. It’s benefits are negligible and Clap in the Box is a worthless piece of ■■■■, but it seems to increase the rate of getting Gun Wizard.

That’s not a thing, there’s no “increasing” the odds of gun wizard. Vault-Hunter.EXE uses a pseudo-algorithm based on random factors like health, ammo etc and uses that to pick from a pool. If anything, adding CitB makes it less likely to get Gun Wizard just because it’s another form to choose from.

Also the aggro draw, as noted before, is almost completely useless in solo and basically useless in co-op. Not worth adding a suicidal AP to your pool.

Logically that should be true, but whenever i’m specced into Clap in the box, i can get Gun wizard every second action skill. Probably more down to luck than anything, but oh well.

Well the thing is each package has a unique combination of conditions to trigger, so if you’re constantly using it in a specific way that triggers the conditions of any given package, You can somewhat control it. For example using it to heal when you’re low and you are nearby enemies with low ammo, you’re more likely to get Gun Wizard or Pirate Ship, but there are some less savoury ones, Like One Shot or Miniontrap, that may also share those conditions, so it randomizes between those. Adding another unsavoury package should only have a negative effect on rolls because in the case that it shares those conditions it should have an equal chance to happen.

Is it bad that my first reaction on seeing Miniontrap was “Oh so it’s as useless as deathtrap.”?
But yes, I noticed that it can go a bit opposite from what I expect. Gotta get used to it still, . I just wish the aggro draw was better in that skill. It’d be useful