Is Kid ultra the most balanced Battleborn

So far I have 0 complaints… he is just right

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Many, many people disagree with you.


Nope. His Bola is arguably too strong. Most balanced is Montana, I have yet to hear someone complain about his balance (lumberjack blast (I think is the name, I don’t play him) is a glitch and I will this exclude those comments)

He is a late game char. I don’t have a problem with his damage

Edit I HATE Montana heavy slow + high damage + high health+ DR + charge through walls = too much
He melts average and low health characters. I would rather face Boulder at his strongest point than Montana

Ppl hate KU stun but i only hate his bleed, i havent face a kid ultra who use his bleeding right, many of them use it away from you to break your shield at best.

That skill is a rly good finisher or opener once you have 3 bolas and make it bounce back for a massive burst dmg.

Boldur at his strongest point? Axe toss damage would like a word with you.

Even considering axe toss. I would still rather fight Boldur

Boldur can stun like Montana, has more reliable damage reduction, vastly superior movement, he’s a significantly smaller target, passive health regen, a shield, and he can keep applying a slow with his melee, no skills required. The only thing Montana has over that is higher DPS.

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Aaaand would still rather fight boldur.

Alright, if you’re a masochist that’s fine.

I can teach you how to Montana! I love that guy. Second most played atm

His Stun is Level 9 unlike most stun able toons…
How is that not a well balanced skill?

His stun is a major problem. It’s almost like chomp damage on sublimate except you don’t risk yourself when using it and can take no skill whatsoever to utilize

Thanks but uh, no. I have never played him for a reason. I find no part of his kit appealing. Actually, I did play him once in a PVP and PVE match, and both times was like “why aren’t I anyone else right now”. I just reeeeeally don’t like the guy. Again, thank ks for the offer, if it was anyone but Monty I’d be saying sure. Though his song is great

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I’d like to hear their reasons for this… And also who is more balanced than him… Because so far I have only seen people say Montana

Awe now I am sad… XD

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He’s such a weak healer I have no problem with him being a late game monster

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His Bola can Pierce unlimitedly, hitting potentially infinite targets, is shot in triplicate, bounces three times, and stuns and deals a strong DOT each time. That’s ridiculous amounts of cc and damage being slung around with no skill necessary

Orendi, benedict, ernest, pendles, reyna,whiskey, toby, alani, miko, attikus, now thorn I think, kelvin, and, oscar mike is REALLY close but used to be, and ghalt (minor tweaking)

He is for sure a weak healer.
But he is more of a buffer, there to increase attack damage.

This doesn’t mean he is unbalanced though