Is Kleese getting any adjustments

Since a lot of other characters are getting adjustments.

none were discussed yet, but the full patch notes will be released Thursday so we will know then

Cool. That tankiness and that taser together are nasty


When I first saw the teaser I thought it was meant purely to get the shields down and damage the character somewhat but the battery last so damn long, I’m hoping he gets nerfs

Just nerf its stupid hp. He can get like 2.5k hp and 700-800 shield a shield that can regenerate to fast.

Should be changes into a territorial tank

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Dear GBX,

I’m adding my 2 cents to this topic simply to be contrarian. Kleese is perfect wear he is. DON’T nerf him or I will come for you! :smile_cat:



P.S. [In the voice of Kleese]
Respect the elderly. Respect the elderly or DIE!!!

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Two things. 1) He is HUGE and SLOW as f*ck thus he needs some sort of advantage. 2) STOP running in a straight line in the hopes that you’ll outrun it. Put something between you and him to break the taser’s lock. BTW, this rule also applies to Ambra’s beam.


I’ve only ever seen him able to do this when his rift network is up. Outside of the rifts he’s just a big slow ball with no cc or escape. The only characters that really have an issue with kleese are melees or close range fighters. Aoes destroy his rifts easily and leave him defenseless. Ranged characters can take them out in a few shots. He’s got several characters who can HARD counter him just by their kit.

Look, point is he’s hardly op. But the one rule of facing Kleese is this, “never walk into his rift network!”

I keep to that like a personal motto flashing in neon above my tv. It’s right next to “never ignore a toby” and “do not feed the bolder”


There are always multiple avenues of approach. Granted some are riskier than others, the top of the stairs on echelon being the worst, which is probably why I always see a kleese on that map. There’s also a certain amount of having to count on your teammates involved. Like counting on your ranged to keep tobys shield down or hoping your orendi/marquis picks reveal against pendles.

It’s hardly a unique scenario. Your thorn needs to be lighting his network, your OM needs to grenade it, you Ernest just needs to pick a target other than the minion wave. If you happen to be playing those characters, know your roll.

Also, God forbid there’s a ghalt I’ll nvolved. Ever want to see a Kleese flee for his life. Drop a trap just outside his range and taunt If he’s experienced with kleese he will know what is coming.*

*this is a exaggeration of the truth. Do not actually do this. The kleese will kill you before the taunt is over.

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Not really. I play a lot of Kleese and people will enage then start to lose then run away in a perfectly straight line. So the advice is given for those that decide to run away. If you are going to run away, run behind something to break the taser’s lock. Now if you engaged him by yourself out in the open in an area where there is nothing for you to run behind that’s your mistake for not thinking through the engagement.

Based on some of your other responses I think your problem w/ Kleese is you think you should be able to simply 1v1 him. If he doesn’t have a rift network set up and/or is out of his zone you can. Outside of that you can’t. But that’s how he is supposed to behave. So calling for him to be nerfed because he is not easily 1v1 when setup is not productive. Change your approach. A lot of advice has already been given about how to deal w/ him. Take it. It works. And like I said, I play a lot of Kleese so I can confirm that the advice given by @HobbitWarrior is sound and effective.

Kleese is absolutely NOT slow. He is quite a bit faster than many of the other characters.


Other than Alani, Ambra, Montana, and a de-cloaked Pendles I don’t know which other characters sprint slower than Kleese. Please enlighten me.

Technically Mellka’s sprint speed is slower than Kleese’s but she has the slide, which every Mellka player uses. Therefore I didn’t include her in my slower than Kleese category.

It’s not as simple as just “This character needs to do X action.” And that’s in any fight scenario. Just like you can say “All it takes is thorns blight to get the best work,” a good Kleese can say “I keep the network spread out to avoid that.” One can’t assume the Kleese player is bad to the point all it takes is one slight tactical change to wall him. This games not so simple as that

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You’re right, it’s rarely as simple as that. Just like saying good players can play a character outside of their normal roles. I was using them as examples because they were some of the most basic.

O n a side note, the overlap between rifts is where the majority of the issues come from. So while it is a sound tactic to spread out the rifts it either minimizes the overlap allowing less movement or does significantly less overall. It’s a trade off and also not as simple a fix.

It’s easier to mention who Kleese can’t outrun. That would be Caldarius, El Dragon, Ambra, and Rath. Maybe Oscar Mike and Ernest. His drawback is maneuverability. Also, he seems very slow when he flies.

Agreed. He has no escape and he’s huge. At most, a small taser nerf please. Maybe slight health

His early game is not amazing. His rifts are meh, he has no burst or cc, I don’t know how you can say he could win

You kno what? Nvrmind hes fine, leave kleese alone.

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Are you just tired of arguing or did you change your mind cuz I’d feel bad if it’s the former

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Theres just no point to argue. The devs have the numbers and the power, if they think hes fine an do not nerf him, then thats good enough for me.