Is Kleese getting any adjustments


I believed in @B0bZ0mb1e from jump which is why I “liked” his first comment w/o the need for clarification. :smile_cat:

(Ambra's Arbiter) #25

I can’t tell by what you mean as they’re all gone lol

(Easplund) #26

The problem with Kleese is that he is a nasty old pervert. He hides around corners or under bridges and waits for pretty, young Melka or Alani to come by and then pounces unexpectedly upon them, tazes them, and molests them!

(Keadron) #27

And that is his job! :wink: j/k

(Ambra's Arbiter) #28

See, the problem is that you could be right, as everyone hates him but he’s still around cuz they need him.

(Easplund) #29

It’s good to be Kleese!

(PSN:Santbech_2038) #30

Kleese as a territorial tank is interesting, as a territorial supporter is op. Just think of him as a tank.

(Can't stand ya) #31

Reduce his health by 88%

He was fine in the beginning, people were just playing him wrong.

His whole schtick was to be nigh invincible within his rift network and vulnerable outside of it, thus making him territorial, defender and support.

Upping his health to the extreme level they have has allowed Kleese players to safely dive out of their networks and mow down squishies and melees with his absurd taser without risk, then duck back to the safety of his rifts.

Leaving his defensive position SHOULD be a HUGE risk, but right now he laughs it off.

(Easplund) #32

That, and don’t make hits on his battle chair count against health, or give it 40% damage reduction, or something like that. Basically, you need to shoot Kleese, not the battle throne. I think that the reason that they increased his health in the first place is that the battle throne is supposed to be an asset, not a liability, but you had this great big, fat, easy target with only 800 or so health.

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #33

That is a bad idea to make it invulnerable or 40% damage reduction, the devs already talked about this @epicender584 can you find that, but yes big health reduction is needed

(Ambra's Arbiter) #34

I can’t but @Kaleidodemon certainly can. I do know the reason though
As you may know, this game is extremely complicated. They appear to have cut a number of things due to difficulty explaining it versus it’s actual use. For example, they wanted aoe dots (Blight, Frag) to increase over time. More punishment the longer it takes for you to realize, but enough time to get out without dying. That led to the strength of aoes they are now changing. With things like Kleese’s chair, it goes back farther. They wanted to implement a complicated system where each body part or such would have a damage multiplier. In the end, they decided it was way too much for little to no return. As such, they could not implement it for Kleese. I’m assuming his high health is to compensate for that in a way, as his large target would not be such a detriment if this was implemented

(Can't stand ya) #35

I understand why they’ve made certain changes but in most cases it’s simply pandering to a vocal mass of complaints from people simply not playing the game well.

So many changes to perfectly balanced mechanics all because people were either unwilling to form a competent counter or because they played solo and got wrecked by something easily beatable by communication and teamwork.

It’s sad that the devs have been forced to pander to the tiny market they have left instead of maintaining actual balance.

(Ambra's Arbiter) #36

I personally disagree but I have no formal argument. So I just wanted to log that here. Carry on

(Can't stand ya) #37

I don’t think it’s been the case for every balance change, but I think some are a result of public outcry rather than objective balance. Again, this is my personal view as well.

(Masterblizak) #38

LOL. It’s amazing how many people still can’t get this through their damn head. I’ve been in way too many games where people aren’t shooting rifts and walking right into them.

They don’t realize that rifts are shield killers and once their shield is down, it’s taser time and you are done. If someone is coming after me, or I engage with someone, I toss a rift onto them. There went 300-500 shield health. That means dead guy…

(Hobbit Warrior) #39

They do a decent amt of health damage as well. I remember a game we were playing where the enemy team had a pendles. It was late game. I had 4 rifts stacked on top of each other, didn’t even notice the Pendles was coming after me, but I got hit 1,2 maybe 3 times from behind. Started to turn around and boom. K/O Pendles. It melted him before I could even turn and taser.

(Masterblizak) #40

right, when rift network opens it really gets nasty.

During battle i’ll stop attacking someone just to take out sunspots, rifts, etc. People seem to not care at all about things like that. I think they are far worse than the center laser because they are less obvious.