Is legendary Maliwan weapon worth it?

Is this legendary Maliwan gun going to be level 10 like the other guns purchased with VIP points? 32,000 points for a weapon that will last maybe 5 more levels past 10 doesn’t seem worth it.

Maybe the gun could scale with your character making it a bit more worth the points?

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I have heard tale of that rumor. It certainly would be nice

It appears that the gun spawns at the level of the first character you log into the game with after attaching your shift account to the game.

I’m a little bummed out, I already have 7 weapons unlocked toward it… and that means on launch day I will get my 8th one automatically by attaching shift and loading into the game. I really hope I can get a max level one of this. If I could undo some of my purchases I totally would.

P.S. You get 3 of the weapons from season 1-3 spins on the free gun thing on the VIP rewards page, as well as 1 for playing the game within the first 14 days after launch. So, you only really need 4 weapons at 4,000 points each.

Worth is relative.
Consider this however; You get the item, most liekly, at level 10 along with other items at Sanct 3. You should be Level 10 when you get there…
If we are lucky, on second playthrough, we might get lvl 50 versions of all of them. Would be a nice surprise.
Similar to Guns from Moxxi’s Breasts’’'err bar…

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Those guns aren’t legendary. Plus, I’m 99% sure that you just get the maliwan legendary when you log into the game the first time after attaching your shift account. And, the gun is whatever level your character is that you log into.

I’m basing this on images I’ve seen of people unlocking the weapon on their shift accounts already.

You can see in this image from this thread: //

I hope it doesn’t come in at a set level or onto character you log into first. I hope they use the same shift system from TPS where you can pick up the weapon whenever you are ready for it.

Yeah, I’m a little discouraged by this.

According to the image above, it says “look for it to appear in the backpack (and at the current level) of the first character you load after unlocking this!”

I will unlock mine precisely after I load into the game after attaching my shift account the first time. That’s when I unlock my 8th weapon in the “Early Adopter Pack” bonus. This MUST be within the first 14 days after release. I hope that doesn’t mean I will have to rush any of the story, and I certainly won’t obtain my 3 level 10 free unlocks or the early adopter pack weapon quickly.

This really has my undies in a bunch. I sure hope it works the way you imagine it. OR, if at least there is some confirmation that you can obtain this weapon literally ANY other way in the game and that it is not exclusive to the insider VIP rewards program.

On the VIP rewards page it says: “Once unlocked, your Legendary Maliwan gun will be delivered to you via the in-game mail system.”

I hope this is how you mentioned… I guess we’ll have to wait til day 1 to find out.

in Ki11er Six’s video he showed the social aspect of the game and the mailing system. Maybe the weapon will be in the mail and just needs to be “picked up”?

You are my hero! I don’t care what those other guys are saying about you…

This will literally help me to sleep better tonight!

I sure hope it works this way. I’ve been looking up youtube videos for days about BL3 and just didn’t come across this one yet.

Even if it doesn’t work this way, this eases my mind a little bit. Now, the only other issue is if it locks in the level when it arrives in your mailbox… x.X

Thank you, thank you, ty!

haha, it had showed up on my feed today and didn’t really think of it till I checked back into this topic.
I know mission reward level locking is a thing in previous Borderland games but with loot instancing maybe it will change? a few more days left till we find out for ourselves!

Yeah, I’m certainly not going to sign into my shift account until I have some verification about the terms and conditions. However, I might waste a significant amount of time at launch watching other people in order to identify how this system works instead of grinding past level 10…

Or is it like tps, where you have to go to the shift dispenser and activate it, it could sit there for quite the time before you activate it.