Is Level 70 too powerful?

I remember months ago on the old forum people saying that 60 innTPS was almost as powerful as 69/72 in the other games and that 70 would ne unneccessarily overpoweted.

People who have gotten to 70 - whst do you say?

It’s no different or worse than before. IMO, everyone was already OP to begin with, so it’s just continuing with that trend. Don’t get me wrong, I love this game, but it does feel “easy” to me (outside Eclipse/EOS, that fight is just aweful). But it’s still a s*** load of fun.


Not really too bad. Then again, the only charcter I have at 70 is Athena, and she isn’t even my 3rd best character. All those 10 skill points got me was unrelelnting nd elemental barrage, which I don’t really use too often. Maybe it’ll be different once I get Wilhelm or Aurelia to 70 (although I doubt it would matter too much for them either) but for right now its about the same.

tbh I remember people saying it would be too easy because mobbing is so easy, skill trees can be completed earlier etc.

Look like tps should add op8 for those who want extra challenge but before that more campaign dlcs please.

I am just walkin’ through UVHM with my lvl 70 Jack.

I don’t think it is all just lvl 70, but the fact that I can go get all the weapons I want … get the exact load out or very close (i.e. Fridgia, Skullmasher, glitched Jackobs pistol, and Vibrapulse … not saying the best, but a very easy to get load out I like) all at lvl 70 that won’t get outleveled during play through.

Wow! Does that make a difference.

The same would have been true for 60 or even 50 before the lvl increases came out. Yes, nice to have extra skills, but mostly I think it is the ability to get the best weapons and not have to worry about outleveling them.

By lvl 50 you have a nice selection of skills, by lvl 60 you have really good builds, by lvl 70 you are just looking for a place to stick points that may not mean too much.

I think Jack is pretty OP, so we will see how this works with Aurelia who is next on my lvl 70 UVHM playthrough list.

Aurelius is fine as she has frigid touch for healing for general mobs. For bosses, she has a problem as frigid touch only triggered on kill not damage. Morning saga 3.1 life steal is great for vacuum bosses. In atmosphere transfusion grenade or switch to hail, throw a quasar for healing for bosses. Those atmosphere fixed health reg bonus on morning saga is not reliable. As well switch to Eddie or system purge.
Magic bullet also good for healing if you at least carry a sniper for crit healing.

70 was a bit gratuitous. I wouldn’t say my builds are more any more powerful than what I wanted at level 60 but the extra points have added a level of versatility that I appreciate. I can simply swap class mods and weapons for a real change in how I want to play.

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That was how i found it when i got my Lilith to 69…no more respeccing required, just switch your COM and / or weapons.

I took Wilhelm to 70 via the Express route (restart first mission 50 times… ugh) then worked my way through the story missions and… yeah, he’s pretty much facerolled everything in his path up until RK5, and that wasn’t all that bad either even without a corrosive weapon. I just got Athena to 70 as well but I’ve only gotten her to Janey Spring’s place, so the jury’s still out (but I suspect it’ll be much the same with her).

You can level up by restarting the first mission?

Honestly, I have a level 70 Wilhelm (and got him there without powerlevel ha) and it really is fun! He basically rolls through everything, and tbh, Nisha IS A BEAST with pure power when I’ve played in a lobby with her. UVHM with a 70 can still be tough, it’s not just a walk in the park ESPECIALLY the Claptrap DLC.

Yeah the first mission gives a ton of XP that scales with you in UVHM so you can spam reset and level up fairly quickly.

It’s about as fun as watching paint dry though. I’d rather reset UVHM and play through the story but its an option I guess.

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In Fairness, “All those 10 skill points got you” was Infnite Ammo Rapid Fire Anything.

Iwajira gives about 1/2 bar of XP, while restarting the 1st mission gives almost 1 1/2 bars.

If there was a way to stop the cutscenes (the launch option or ini edit don’t seem to work other than cut out movies during game startup), that 1st mission power leveling would go much faster.

Still faster to do the 1st mission, but maybe save a bar or 2 to get some weapons from Iwajira … .if you don’t already have some on another character.

At the moment I’m enjoying the game again and it’s thanks to lvl 70 and the new DLC as a whole.

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