Is leveling up even beneficial?

So I have completed the first two play throughs and didnt have too hard a time. I dont want a game to be too easy, but christ UVHM isnt fun at all. I tried going through the Dragons Keep DLC today and got destroyed by the first 4 skeletons I came in contact with, but heres the problem, if I level up they level up, so is leveling up even going to help me get through these fights any easier? Cause if not I think im done with Borderlands this aint fun.

UVHM is a whole new game with new rules. This might help as an introduction:

You picked a rough spot to start UVHM though - I’d wait until I was at least level 61. Those additional 10 skill points make a MASSIVE difference in your ability to handle some of the enemy types you run into in TTAoDK. If you persist, you’ll want a decent method to slag everything in sight, and then a good explosive weapon (or a very good shock one) for the skeletons.

Otherwise, there are many many threads on how hard UVHM is, all of which repeat the same basic advice you’ll find in the link above. I will say that it’s easy to get discouraged, but UVHM is completely conquerable by even an “average” gamer such as myself. You just need to take a more careful and systematic approach to things, get your build straightened out (since some skills don’t scale well with the increased health and health regen enemies get in UVHM), and re-learn how to play.


Like VH said , the skill points you gain are worth levelling up for. UVHM is a definate learning curve but well worth it once you get it sussed.

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Since the damage from grenades can be fairly negligible, I usually by default make that my main way of dragging. Usually magic missile or a low level bouncing Betty. Moxxie guns can also be helpful since they all have some sort of percentage of lifesteal associated with them. Avoid skills that increase your max health. This might sound counterintuitive, but if you aren’t aware of the health gate mechanic, this is why.

The best part of this journey, (and i always enjoy the journey) is the end.

Then the fun really begins!!!

So i would say yes. Imo it’s well worth the effort given to level up!