Is leveling up that big of a deal anymore?

After I saw the new level scaling when playing with friends, it made me think:
If, when you are a bunch of levels higher then someone and you still do as much damage, what does leveling up give you as an advantage? (besides unlocking new skills).
It would kinda suck if you had a gun 50 levels above your friend and do the same damage as him.
I’m totally into making it so you and your friend will be able to play together but this system seems not too great…
In addition, i’m not sure about this but if when I find a really rare variant of a weapon and everybody in my party gets the same variant, it also isn’t too great.
We will always need those moments of “OH look what I got! (and you didn’t haha)”.
Maybe its just me but this system looks like it can use some twiking.

Thats easy, just use the classic mode and it will be like every other Borderlands game.

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Well when you play solo the scaling goes back to your level and skills is what makes you powerful in this game.

Again when you go back to solo and play at your level it will scale to your level. This way people can play together and not ruin the game. If I am level 20 and someone level 50 comes in I just sit and watch them and its boring. In UVHM it scales to the highest player so if I’m 52 and someone else is 72, I can’t do anything but hide as it is now. Also if you like it how it is, then you can play classic.

With all the parts of the guns the chances of everyone getting the exact same gun is like winning the lottery. Also with loot like this if you are farming a boss and that boss as a 10% drop rate you have 4 people playing, well I think you have a much better chance as a group to get it. Maybe not everyone wants it, so your friend can give it to you.

Well with 4 people and one drop, we still have that, and no system is perfect but this is really improved while still leaving us with classic mode which is a massive win. 2 systems, pick your favorite.


EDIT - In the few minutes it took me to type this, other replies snuck in making the same points. I’ll leave this here, anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

The only game I’ve played with a system like this is Dead Island. Unlike the BL games, even if you have a consistent co-op team, levels can still get out of step. This lets you carry on playing together without individual players becoming too weak/strong.

The advantage I see of using this in BL3 is that it allows players to do other things in single player and rejoin the team without disrupting the difficulty. Sometimes, I’ve wanted to try and farm a better gun or try out a new build but couldn’t because I’d get out of step with my friends.

For me, anyway, unlocking new skills is an important part of the game. Also, it’s the differentiator when characters of different skill levels are playing together. The higher level character will still be more powerful because of their additional abilities.

I do agree that it does seem a bit anomalous if there is your suggested 50 level difference. However, I’m not sure how often that will happen in normal play. The only time I’ve seen that kind of discrepancy is if a high level character is power levelling a lower level character. We’ll have to see if GBX implement any restrictions, such as both players having to be at the same difficulty level.

As for loot instancing, it depends on who you play with. I’ve been playing with the same group since BL1 and we try to share out the gear equitably. There’s not much in the way of braggadocio :smiley:

The good thing is that you can turn off both the level equalizing and loot instancing and play “classic” Borderlands, if that’s what you prefer :slightly_smiling_face:

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The Leveling in borderlands 3 should be just like 2 and scale drops and xp and difficulty to the highest player as well as after you beat the game it gets scaled to LVL 30 at the end of tvhm it should be scaled to LVL 50 and at the end of UVHM it should scale to LVL72 . OP Levels change the enemy difficulty . example: At OP1 you are more likely to fight LVL 73 or Level 74 Enemies. Therefore they only scale once you beat the story. I hope all of this is right.

Do u know you will be able to turn the thing where everyone gets the same loot off while still having the level scaling on?

I’m pretty sure they’re tied together, as in, no.

I think its all or none like @Adabiviak said. However I’m not 100% on that, just assuming.

For a family that likes couch co-op and has kids at different levels who won’t need to fight over loot, these changes will be a huge improvement.

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Several points here:

  1. As you level up you gain lots of new skills and far better variants of weapons. Say you are at lvl 40 and your friend is at lvl 15 you will be able to kill enemies in a hundred different fun and unique ways while your friend has like 3 options available to them.

  2. After watching all the streams, it seems that even though the same types of guns will drop for both players in co-op, the variants could be different. i.e. - yours may come with a scope and his may have faster fire rate or a different element. They will also be scaled to each others level so the plus I see here is that you can trade each other weapons once your buddy outlevels his so that you could use that same gun (hopefully a legendary!) at a lower level on your next character!

I was playing BL2 yesterday and some guy came in, scooped up the legendary from the boss we raided, and then quickly left. I’m excited for this new system so I don’t have to deal with people jacking loot.


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I just finished watching an interview with Paul Sage and it definitely sounds like it’s either Level scaling with instanced loot OR ‘Classic mode’ without either.

Here’s a thing you should know. We don’t know any more (and in many cases, we know less) than other forum users. We can’t parse every post for accuracy. If you do make an error and post incorrect info then I’d be expecting another forum user to politely point that out to you.
That’s what forums are for.

You are right i just said that if any mods had any info to add they could correct the information . But your view of it is true.

In the TPS i worked so hard to kill EOS . And i gave someone a legendary .
LOL that needs to be a MEME