Is Lifesteal Additive or Multiplicative?

For Trixie, with her helices and lore legendary you can get 40% with Patient Zero, 10% passive on her injector, and anywhere bwteen 0-20% based on shots left in her gun.

So my question is- all together is it 50-70% life steal or 54-84.8% lifesteal?

I believe that it’s one of the few effects in the game that’s additive because it’s basically a multiplier attached to your damage dealt. At least that’s the way it works with Rath and his legendary.

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I believe it’s ^ as well

I forgot about rath’s lifesteal! That does make sense. I love going his tier 5 mutation with his lore leg since it gives ridiculous melee lifesteal but also keeps 10% on skills :sweat_smile: