Is loaded dice broken?

started using the loaded dice artifact on my Moze cuz ive got missing health anyway so i thought why not. Only thing is, it seems to nerf your luck not increase it. been playin with it on a few days now and ive seen a fair decline in the number of legendaries and just weapons drops in general. Get a lot of health/ammo drops. any else havin the same or is it just me?

I have been using it sometimes I don’t get anything other times warden drops 3-4 items got grave twice in a row then there’s times where I don’t get anything I’m gonna keep using it I’ll update you more. I had the same thoughts as you Did

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Part of the issue is that it’s probably meant to be a small enough boost that it won’t feel mandatory to use - which in turn makes it hard to notice the actual effect.

My experience with using it has basically been feast or famine enough for me to shrug it off entirely as anecdotal/confirmation bias (in either direction).

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By chance you have any elemental projectors.?

I do, but I don’t actively try to trigger the boost - and often use other relics, depending on how I’m specced.

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It’s not you. Something is either broken or needs to be explained properly.

I ran Grave with it for a few hours and all drops, not just legendaries, were dramatically less. As soon as I took it off, thing picked back up.

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I’ve been testing this over two days with the Rare week going on. It’s DEFINITELY broken. It significantly reduced my drop rate. Ran the Red Jabber 10 times with it on and got three drops. Took it off…and got three drop on my first run and over the next 9 got a total of 14 drops.

Busted as ■■■■.

Also did ENTIRE Slaughterstar, killed both bosses (with one more player) and got 4 ■■■■■■■ drops for the whole thing…this was on TVHM M3…what a ■■■■■■■ waste of time.

Hey but you saved me from wasting my time, so in a way you accomplished the greatest thing of all.

Being a nice guy! :slight_smile:

Wearing a loaded dice today I managed 2 Lyudas, an Ice Queen, a Dragon COM (didn’t roll well though) and a few other assorted things in 4 or 5 Aurelia kills.

Confirmation Bias Is Confirmative :joy:

I don’t think any artifact is ever intended to be “guaranteed Legendary”. It’s supposed to be a grindy prospect. When i use Loaded Dice the main difference I’ve seemed to notice wasn’t a difference in the drop rate but the quantity that dropped at once.

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While using LD I’ve had boring crates open to double legendaries. I’ve had Katagawa, The Ball, and Aurelia all drop triple legendaries…the ball once dropped 4 one shot.

If I know I can handle an area with less health, I throw it on

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Untill someone tests it with a reasonable sample size or gearbox releases some numbers on it there is no way to really tell. It is probably not very significant however since it does not seem like a very noticable increase if there is one.

Probably another GBX taunt…it doesn’t specifically say "substantial increase to legendary drops "?

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I’ve been getting at least double the legendary drops from Graveward with it than without.