Is Lootpocalypse on? Not getting anything out of Faction Packs!

So… I’ve gone through roughly 50 Jennerit Faction Packs and haven’t gotten any Legendary drops. Some coins to make up the loss, but I’m already 45k in the hole and no worthwhile loot yet.

Is it just me? Does the RNG really, really, REALLY hate me? How is everyone else faring?

Going to stop buying for now them in case something isn’t set right!

Dont buy faction packs… They suck for legendaries, the odds to get 1 are small.

Commander lootpacks are amazing for legendaries.


Ah, gotcha. I will farm Ops to fill in my Legendary checklist then!

Although I do need to get one last skin for Beatrix (yellow and purple), so I will keep trying for that.

Thanks for the info!

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Essentially you wasted your credits.

Play more DLC3 if you want legendary gear for the faction you desire.

True. I was slightly increasing my odds for that last skin, though.

Are you sure you know how the pack system works?

Just because you opened x amount of packs and got a few skins or taunts doesn’t mean you’re any closer to getting the one you want.

The cosmetics you have not yet own do not take priority. You will still have an equivalent chance to get the cosmetics you already own to show up in your packs, which is why you get stuff like +500/1000 credits. If you still haven’t got the cosmetic you are aiming for at this point, I wish you the best on your endeavors.


I meant in that the cosmetic pool is smaller in a faction pack if the skin you want is for a character in said faction!

Aside from the actual odds of getting a skin (or coins if the skin is already owned), there’s basically a 6:1 chance for a Beatrix skin in a Jennerit Pack as opposed to a 30:1 chance in a Core Pack.

Well, then I am glad that I got all the cosmetics before the changes.

Nightmarish for the rest…

Yeah! I bought a bunch of Jennerit Packs before Beatrix came out with the update. Got all of hers but the purple and yellow one! Hurts to be a completionist sometimes!

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It took nearly 100 Jennerit Faction packs, but I got my last pack skin!

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Gratz! Crazy completionist

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I, very luckily, pulled the last Beatrix cosmetic, a taunt, from a Commander Pack while working up to 20 with Ambra after employing the same hording strategy. Man was I glad to have completed that! I can’t imagine trying to fulfill that set today! Blarg…

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I was surprised on getting 3-4 legendaries out of the 7 fraction packs I already had. Unfortunately, they were all duplicates :frowning: but I did get one with slightly better stats!

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