Is Lucky Zaford Scooter's Dad?

I have always wondered just what exactly the relationship is between Moxxi (obviously older than she looks, ageless beauty), Scooter (I’ve always put Scooter at early to mid 20s, young mechanical genius) and Lucky as older, I mean, it’s hard to tell cuz his face is all covered, but certainly I get an older vibe.

We know Moxxi has been married at least twice, was David Shank the first or second hubby?

Doesn’t Moxxi say she’s looking for hubby 4 in the Underdome DLC opening video?

Anyway, the most telling line for me is when Scooter mentions Lucky “ruining Moxxi’s lady parts”.

I always assumed this meant it’s because she had to give birth to his child.

If that’s NOT what it means, it sure seems like that kind has a MUCH darker and more sinister meaning.

I mean, and I had never thought of this before, why would Scooter want Lucky dead if Lucky was his dad?

But if Lucky did “damage Moxxi’s parts”, it’s certainly not in any visible spot or spots.

What do you all think?

I thought Jimbo Hodunk was Scooter’s biological father; Marcus his step-father.

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How do we know it’s Jimbo?

Is there dialogue?

I recall dialog about them being born to a Hodunk in an echo… not quite sure where the specific Jimbo connection is from though.

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Lucky ruined Moxxi’s lady parts seems pretty specific unless either is pissed that Lucky slept with his Mom or unless Lucky actually physically damaged Moxxi (both could be true?).

There’s a line at the Catch-A-Ride stations where Scooter says something along the lines of, “My pa always said wheels was better than heels! Uh, he was paralyzed though so… catch a ride!”

Jimbo Hodunk does, of course, get around in a wheelchair. The relationship between Scooter and Lucky is simply that Scooter hates Lucky, Lucky got with Moxxi, and that Scooter blames Lucky for Moxxi being the way she is. Hence us keeping him alive so Scooter can kill him at a later date.


Oh damn!

Fair enough, then!

Yeah…jimbo is scooters dad I assumed. Inbred. Lucky just …got lucky. And I always figured scooter was just saying lucky you know…wore her out lol


…more fuel for the Zaford/Hodunk feud too.


No. Jimbo Hodunk is Scooter’s father.

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