Is Marquis Overpowered?

Depending on what mods/gear you have on him not to mention his ability to build a insta crit for every 3 shots 2 in one of his level builds In a way yes he is, sure its hard to hit smaller players but he can easily hit larger players not to mention the he can kill Thralls and the large EXE. robots that makes trying to push up all but impossible for other teams.

The only draw back is his low shield and health, but even then just hanging back providing support fire on Incursion, yeah you can stop a team dead in their tracks.

Well he is a sniper and most snipers in games do a lot of damage plus it would take skill to be good with Marquis or im just really bad with him

True, I have been in games where he goes up to 30+ kills and 0 deaths in game.

I’ve never really played much marquis, but I’ve played my share of Toby games. They both do crazy damage but only marquis can position himself to be almost unnoticeable, untouchable to clear waves, score kills. Really is unfair on coldsnap. But yeah you could say his weakness is low hp, but most marquis leave a couple owls above them, and bail through a time bubble the minute pressured, which in turn slows you, one owl takes your shield, another a fifth to a quarter of your health, where a good marquis then can finish off a rath easy. I think the large amount of people playing marquis and the majority underperforming will tell a different statistical story, but the good marquis would agree he’s overpowered I do believe.

I think hes got more hp than benedict and orendi though, so its not that low. I think it could be a bit lower since he has a pretty tiny hitbox and long range means he tends to stay the furthest back, making him only vulnerable to counter-sniping which hes kind of the best at already.

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In the right hands he can feel OP. I’ve never played with him, even in the Beta I never tried him. My husband plays him every now and then.

Marquis has a large advantage because he is long range and has a decent amount of health and a shield. He is hard to hit because of his small frame and the usual distance from other players. He has the potential to take out players quickly. I’ve seen quite a few good Marquis players but only a couple were insane.

It’s the worst when he is using an Aimnot.

I honestly don’t know what to think about him. If he is OP or not. He takes a little skill to be good at but he can deal so much dmg and stop a team in there tracks.

Like many characters in the game, he is insanely strong in the right hands. BUT, it’s a lot harder than it looks.

Playing against a good Marquis can be so darned frustrating. If you have a good team with solid teamwork, he can certainly be countered by having people harass him, but without, he can be a one man wrecking crew,

Still, I don’t think that makes him OP.

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I think he’s tuned a bit high, though not really OP.

His damage is fine on its own … but becomes a bit too much when combined with his tiny hitbox, massive quick-melee range, ability to head glitch, and other survivability.

Glass cannons are fine, as long as they’re actually made of glass.

I’m not sure if a pure sniper character is a good fit for this genre. On a non crappy team he can sit in the back of the map sniping in complete safety. Then the only counter is another Marquis of equal or better skill.

At least, he shouldn’t be able to nullify and punish the other team for picking battleborns like Toby or ISIC.

I think people missunderstand Marquis for a “full snipr” while he is not. He has midrange capbilities and great CC with his time dialation fields.
In PvE the worst Marquis were the ones that just snipered while never used another skill or attack whatsoever.
Yes, PvP he can be most powerfull as sniper, but a good played Marquis is more valuable when he uses all his tools + being a sniper in the right situation.

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