Is Match Maker broken?

i can play solo, but cant get any match to start when trying MM? is this a known issue. Im in NA on Xbox 1

MM was working fine for me earlier this evening (also in NA on XB1). I did run into a couple of issues with rubber-banding during my last story mission though, and one player got disconnected during map selection (but before the choice of maps showed up).

There’s an issue with the matchmaking on Xbox where it will just search and search and search and search… and search and search and search and never find a match. Generally all you need to do is fully quit the app and restart it so you see the gearbox and 2K logo screens before the title screen. If that doesn’t work try doing a full restart of your xbox (hold the power button until it turns off) and that will clear your cache and that should fix it. That step’s usually not needed though.

On the Xbox in NA at this time of night the matchmaking should start finding you players within a minute or two.

Is Battleborn dead? I’ve been waiting 15min on PC to play meltdown and I still don’t even have five people to play with. Is the game dead? Has everyone stopped playing?

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@RottenRatPelt you win the Internet! your fixed worked perfect See Rottens response for the fix. worked for me first time

Glad it worked. :slight_smile:

It’s not dead but it is massively underpopulated on PC.

Yep, I’ve had to do that fix 3 times already since I started playing about a week ago.

This fix has been needed since their update to mm.