Is Mayhem Mode going to level up loot?

My biggest problem with BL2s final update was how OP8 loot made the last 8 levels so trivial. I didn’t like the idea of leveling up your loot past its level requirement. I enjoyed the challange that OP provided and then all of the sudden I had this new DLC and I was a steamroller. It made my first experiences with The Fight for Sanctuary less amazing. For 8 levels all the drops where vendor trash.

I don’t want to see Mayhem mode do a “good news, bad news” thing every time BL3 drops an increase to the level cap. Maybe I’m worried for nothing as Mayhem only seems to have 3 levels but regardless I would prefer enhanced loot to simply be loot with better rarity or additional effects rather then overleveled items.

From what they’ve shown it looks like all mayhem mode does to loot is increase the drop rates and make anointed gear a potential drop from anywhere. Nothing like the raw stat buffs of OP levels.