Is mayhem mode just harder campaign?

I haven’t finished the campaign, I was close but had to start over because of an issue.

So is mayhem mode the same as the regular campaign (side quests and all) just much harder and with better loot?


Yes, it is harder with more loot

Sort of.

Mayhem mode is additional difficulty with increased loot, money and eridium.

It’s able to be activated after last campaign boss.

You then have a few options:
-Keep it off and carry on with any additional missions, boss runs etc
-Turn it on to lvl 1,2,3 or 4 and finish any side missions, boss runs
-Start a True Vault Hunter run, then when on Sanctuary, switch to Mayhem 4 and watch your life fritter between your sweaty palms :joy:

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@diestocresta so if I beat a side mission on my first play through of the campaign then its beat forever unless I start true vault Hunter then add mayhem on top?

Which is really the only fun way to do it, on any Mayhem level (you don’t need to do 4).
You’ll find during your TVHM run that you get to max level (50 right now) before you even get to Eden-6, and the game becomes very easy then, max weapons against lvl 50 enemies means pretty much tearing everything up with little risk.
Adding a Mayhem level or two makes for some challenges at least.

Ok I think I understand. I guess my quest towards mayhem will begin in 45 min which is when I’m gonna start the game from scratch, blast through the campaign and go from there lol.

Thanks everyone.

The mayhem is optional. Other than that, yes - TVHM starts over (although you can skip the lengthy bus trip intro). You can even reset it if you want to (same as BL2 and TPS UVHM).

Perfect, exactly what I was hoping for

I started using mayhem 4 for all characters recently. 1&2 felt like difficulty bumps, 3 actually seemed easier once I had learned to have the weapons per character handy to overcome all the modifiers. 4 feels like “you must have this much DPS to ride”…


My advice would be:
-play through the campaign on normal vault hunter mode. Ignore things like Typhon chests, side quests etc.
Run through again on True Vault Hunter mode until you get to Sanctuary (probably be level 40ish) then turn Mayhem on.

  • Mayhem 1 isn’t much different but a good intro into ‘modifiers’ & you get the boost in loot and money.
  • Mayhem 2 is where difficulty ramps up
  • Mayhem 3 is harder still and probably too difficult for a lot of people (to a point*)
  • Mayhem 4 : Woo Woo…here comes the pain train.

(don’t be frightened to dip your toe)

Keep on the campaign until lvl 53 then do all the additional content.

That way you’ll get a good chance of getting good loot from the side quests, etc.

The reason I say leave Typhon chests is that if they are completed in one game mode they are completed in subsequent game modes for that same character.

  • Why I say to a point. I’ve got builds I like smashing bosses and slaughter shafts on M4 with but I actually struggle doing normal missions on M3 with them.

Yea that’s what I’m gonna do. Meaning as few things as possible to get through the campaign then I’ll play true vault Hunter with mayhem turned on and as high as I can stand

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It’s a bit harder but I think the real issue is that the modifiers get ridiculous, especially when they contradict each other…

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TVHM is just one difficulty level above normal and you can replay story and missions. Mayhem 1-4 are the higher difficulty levels above that with random modifiers.

Mayhem can be accessed in both normal and TVHM, actually they’re exactly the same. Once you play Mayhem, there’s no difference between normal and TVHM anymore, except that you can replay story and missions in TVHM.

Being able to replay stuff is what I’m after so that’s perfect

+30% SmG dmg -yay
Enemies have +30% SmG resistance.


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Reminds me of early Diablo 3 where sometimes the AI would randomly generate an unkillable mob.

Which is why I skip 3, it’s either 2 or 4!