Is Melee build good?

I’m trying to decide whether or not to put anything melee on my build. I’m trying to make my Amara a balance of melee and element gun build, which I got so far. Skill Calculator • Amara • BL3 | Lootlemon.

If melee is not that good, then here is one that forces more on element and active skills. Skill Calculator • Amara • BL3 | Lootlemon

Witched of this skill builds, would you say is the stronger and better for soloing?

Melee Amara works. The issue with Amara and melee is that you will, guaranteed, want the Body and Mind skill, whether you’re doing actual melee or are simply using a Facepuncher as a Body and Mind delivery system.

The tree I’d recommend for pure melee is thus: here

I, personally, did not like how Phaseflare worked, so I wound up doing what’s called Cast Stab Amara, skill tree here.

With Cast-Stab, you can use Phasecast or its variants, like Tandava, to activate Phasecast 250 anoints or 100 melee anoints, and then just use a Facepuncher as a Body and Mind delivery system. A x14 Facepuncher with so little as 1 point in Infusion gives you 28 whole hits of Body and Mind, so I can typically enjoy 2-5 million x28 hits. It’s pretty much enough to destroy anything in the game.

I use a Radiation Stone Victory Rush, because I don’t have a Deathless with a +% melee passive, but Deathless with a melee passive and the urad anoint is peak damage, though I’m slaughtering everything in the game without that, so I don’t care to continue farming for said Deathless lol.

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IMO if you want to go hybrid melee/gun your best bet is Kensei, since it takes your melee bonuses and applies them to your guns as well. Only Amara build I’ve used where I didn’t feel like I had to spec all gun or all melee to do good damage. Really fun being able to swap between shooting and punching on the fly and being effective with both.

Hey, everyone is me again and I think I perfected my skill tree build, giving me a good balance of gun and fist play. In case you are wounding, I went down the element tree is for the awesome activate skill for mobbing. Though I do have a question that are the active skills good without going into the blue tree.

You want at least 1 point in Infusion if you’re also going to use a Facepuncher, since that doubles the novas from Body and Mind.

You can cut a point from Joyful Freedom and this will enable you to utilize a Facepuncher alongside the rest of your guns.

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Still, having trouble decided how to build my Amara either Meele build or Skill build. Witch one is more powerful, useful, fun or all the above?