Is melee missing impact?

I haven’t played the game yet but from the videos it looks like there is barely a difference between hitting an enemy and the air. I have a feeling there is some sort of sceenshake, or impact/pain sound is missing.
Can someone who actually played the game confirm or decline that?

In the CTT there was definitely a feel for actually hitting the enemy, the number coming off of them, there’s an impact noise too. In the videos they tend to have the sound turned down to talk over the game.

This. A lot of the videos on the Battleborn channel in particular have the melee volume turned down a lot. I’ve been watching streams though, and the melee seems pretty solid from what I have seen there.

Rath in the CTT seemed pretty good, but hitting enemies sounded like I was swinging hollow aluminum poles. That has since been changed. As for damage, there’s nothing to worry about. Deande was identified as being a tad weak on the DPS side but I’ve heard personally from Randy Varnell in a stream that they are working to fix that. Just a few minutes ago I witnessed someone playing Kelvin literally hit >9000 (that’s a coincidence) health in a story mission with the chomp ability so he’s probably doing fine. Galilea is straight OP right now and will be getting a nerf. I can’t comment on El Dragon, Attikus, Phoebe (who was previously OP), Shane & Aurox or Boldur but from what I’ve heard they are also more than viable if used properly.

Putting melee characters in a game that has so many bullets flying around and making them useful is not easy, but Battleborn looks like the best, most recent example of how to do that properly. I’m hyped.

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