Is Michael going to be in BL3?

yeah that makes sense

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man, that sucks.
also, it seems kind of weird to have a website called dead youtubers with a bunch of dead youtubers. is that just me?

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I hope he comes back

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I’m betting they’ll implement another person who was a huge Borderlands fan but who left this world too early. It makes sense to stay current. There are plenty of other fans who’ve probably passed away since BL2.


I agree with this they did the gaige lock box in TPS, and they also did the below image in bl2


Why is that not ok? They already celebrated Michael. Do we have multiple “celebration of life” ceremonies for our loved ones? No. We celebrate them in our minds and hearts often but there’s always just the one public funeral and CoL for them.
People continue to pass away and if we continue to ONLY celebrate one specific person then what about all the other people that pass away in the meantime? Are we to not celebrate their life and legacies?


I just want to remind everyone here, this can be a very touchy subject for many. So please lets be respectful of others, their feelings and opinions.


Sorry Gang didn’t mean to create a fight forum i was just thinking out loud and I do like the idea of possibly including fellow fallen vault hunters and that permission would most likely be needed to include Michael. i was just hoping they did something like that because I feel it gives us gamers a united banner to play under and that developers that take the time to do these memorials really care about their players and i see the very valid point of the one and done for the CoL makes perfect sense thanks for taking the time to reply gang.


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No need to be sorry, its an important question and one reason I really like gearbox is because they do things like this.

Sometimes these get heated so I was being a bit preemptive in giving a friendly warning to be civil and respectful.




nothing bad has happened here please get back on topic

At the risk of making things worse, I am going to clarify a little bit.

In the past, when mention of in-game memorials to certain individuals has come up, the topic has been extremely controversial and the conversations did indeed get extremely heated.

@Derch (and the other moderators) don’t want this thread to go that way.

We would also appreciate it if folks would resist the urge to back-seat moderate and use the flag system if they feel a post crosses a line.

Thank you all for your co-operation.





Let’s really not go there, please.


Well, isn’t a part of the plot to gather vault hunters? Good enough reason to at least give him a cameo.

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yoteslayer Would have been a good one.

“Let sleeping threads lie” please! Also, BL3 has it’s own more current player tribute.